Automotive Cooling System Gaskets Market: Understanding The Key Product Segments And Their Future

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Cooling system gaskets are packing or seals, which are used as sealants for pipe joints and matched components in an automobile’s cooling system. The purpose of cooling system gasket is to stop the out flow of gas or liquid. Cooling system gaskets are generally made up of soft metal sheets that are stamped with ridges enclosing all the leak points. In addition, asbestos, steel, graphite, silicon, rubber, plastic, ceramic and copper are also used as materials for the manufacturing of automotive cooling system gaskets. Moreover, the major function of such gaskets are to prevent the gas or fluid leakage by ensuring tight or close barrier between the two surfaces. The cooling system gasket is an integral part in the cooling system of an automobile as it helps to block and seal the combustion chambers, coolant and oil pathways in the engine. Some of the best quality cooling system gaskets in the market boasts of numerous features such as long lasting, easy to install, easy to use, leak free, oil resistant, flexible, moisture resistant, safe to use and temperature resistant.

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There are five major types of automotive cooling system gaskets such as exhaust flange gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, radiator gasket, exhaust gasket and water pump gasket. Such gaskets are very vital for the proper functioning of automotive cooling systems. A cooling system is considered as an intrinsic component of a vehicle’s engine. Cooling system in an engine allows the maintenance of efficient temperature, removes heat from engine and ensures that the engine performs efficiently within a short period of time. In addition, cooling systems keeps the engine running at a moderate temperature irrespective of the conditions. Such systems with the help of cooling system gaskets and other components helps in the removal of heat from the moving parts in order to avoid melting, overheating and seizing of the engine. Moreover, cooling systems use fan, lubricating oil and coolant to regularize and maintain the temperature of various parts of the engine.

The automotive cooling system gaskets market can be classified by type, by application and by geography. The type segment can be classified into exhaust flange gasket, exhaust manifold gasket, radiator gasket, exhaust gasket and water pump gasket. By application, the market can be segregated as passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles and heavy commercial vehicles. By geography, the market can be segmented into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa and Latin America.

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In the automotive cooling system gaskets market, Asia Pacific holds the largest market share in terms of revenue followed by North America, Europe, Latin America and, Middle East and Africa (MEA).In the Asia Pacific region, countries such as China and India has been witnessing heavy demand and production for passenger vehicles. This in turn is increasing the application of cooling system gaskets in passenger vehicles of above mentioned countries. The market in North America and Europe tends to be a bit saturated but the market is expected to remain stable during the forecast period. By the end of the forecast period, Middle East and Africa, and Latin America are expected to show significant growth, considering the growth in automotive sector and rising demand for passenger and commercial vehicles in the regions.

The report also provides company market share analysis of the various industry participants. Acquisition is the main strategy being widely followed by leading market players. In case of an acquisition, the acquirer takes advantage of existing synergies. As a result, both companies are expected to emerge more profitable and stronger than before. Key players in the global automotive cooling system gaskets market have been profiled and their company overview, financial overview, business strategies and recent developments have been covered in the report. Major market participants profiled in this report include: Calsonic Kansei North America, Inc., Perkins, ANAND, Banco, MPC, Stant Corporation and NZ Gaskets Ltd. among others.