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ipad apps

Apple’s iPad is a great gadget for people of all ages. Equipped with lots of features, applications and functionalities, iPad is an excellent device that meets the requirements of all types of people like businesses, kids, students, household people and more. Well-known for its high-performance and wonderful results, iPad has won the heart of millions of people worldwide, and almost people are looking to purchase for iPad rather than laptops.

mobile ux development

A lot of thought and research needs to go into mobile platform development for a successful outcome. Look at scalable UIs, before choosing mobile platforms. It takes more hard work to ensure the scalability of different orientations and resolutions but in the long run it should pay very well, because your application will be able to target a lot more mobile devices which in turn increases the sales potential of


The global server market has demonstrated a steady rise in the past few decades. The server market demand has remained positive, attributed to the on-going enterprise refresh cycle along with the continued infrastructure investments from cloud service providers. In 2014, the global server shipments increased by over 2 million units as compared to 2013 showing a high record. According to 2014 estimates, good market growth in the volume system revenue

senir citizen

So, are you thinking about mobile phone for senior citizen people? You know they don’t need the complex feature, you are thinking the senior people need something simple and user-friendly but what? There are numerous mobile phones available and that are specially designed for elderly. Mostly all senior people appreciate the simplicity of mobile phone. Although, youngsters want latest features and smart phones so they can entertain and as well

Mobile Value Added Services (VAS) Market Expected to Grow with Increase in Number of Subscribers Worldwide

Mobile value added services (VAS) are the additional services provided by the telecom operators, apart from the voice communication services. Introduction of the smart phones has revolutionized the telecom industry and the mobile subscribers are using a large number of the value added services, in addition to the core mobile services. How Long Term Evolution (LTE) Changed the Mobile Value Added Services Market The wireless communication industry can be segregated

Need for Big Data Analytics Drives Demand for NoSQL Databases

NoSQL is a type of database used to store and retrieve data that can’t or isn’t fit to be classified into relational databases. The latter database type almost exclusively uses structured query language (SQL) for the storage of data. As a result, the term ‘NoSQL’ is most commonly interpreted as ‘Not only SQL’, indicating that it can accommodate non-SQL data storage languages as well. Relational databases store data in tabular

Medical Lasers Market Spurred by Rising Disposable Incomes in BRICS Nations

The use of laser technology is now commonplace in diagnostics, therapies, or treatments. Laser technology has advanced significantly that has led to its increased application for medical purposes. As a consequence, large numbers of procedures are carried using laser technology. The medical lasers types that are typically used, but are not limited to, are: Excimer lasers, diode lasers, gas lasers, CO2 lasers, dye lasers, free electron lasers, fiber lasers, and semiconductor

New Nokia Lumia 720 Review – Windows Phone

It’s raining Smartphone this year and with the series of Smartphone that many Indian and MNC are launching every week here comes another Smartphone based on windows 8 OS by Finnish giant Nokia. Nokia had already launched Smartphone based on window8 operating system earlier this year in high-end version Lumina 920and 820while it has also launched Smartphone in low-end version 620&520 respectively but now it had come in mid segment

Experts Say Windows 8 Is Responsible For the Most Precipitous Decline in Desktop Shipments of the Year

The international desktop market has suffered its biggest drop on the record with first quarter shipments dropping to as low as 14% in nearly the same time as the last year. The personal computer market had pinned its hopes on the launch of Microsoft’s Windows 8 to bolster its sales but Microsoft’s new operating system is a major factor in this precipitous historical decline, if you were to believe the

Get Privacy Policy for Your Mobile Apps

What actually happens most of the times is that people take policy and legal documentation methods very lightly. These are mostly looked after the development process is over. However, privacy policy and legal documentation is something that is need of the hour and should be included in the development process after the design has been conceptualized. Although, all of this just appears to be something that can be added at

High Energy Storage Batteries for Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are an inseparable part of modern lives. Be it mobile phones or gaming systems or e-readers or laptops. All of these devices essentially need a power source. This clearly shows that batteries not only play a major role in our lives but they also govern our lives to a great extent. But, developments in battery technology haven’t been keeping pace with the rate of development of the hardware

Top 5 VoIP Apps Recommended for Android Owners

Android owners are savvy when it comes to making calls for less. A VoIP app lets you save by placing your calls over the internet, right on your phone or tablet. Here are five VoIP app recommended for Android owners. Skype Skype is one of the most popular VoIP apps around and it has a huge number of users worldwide. It lets you make free voice and video calls to other

Top 5 TV Shows Available To Stream On Netflix, Hulu and On Demand

No matter your television preference, whether you are a cord cutter or still in love with live television and its added On Demand features, there are plenty of TV shows available to stream or tune in for easy viewing access. Whether current or in reruns, there are quality TV shows available that should not be overlooked like these top five picks worthy of addiction status or at least binge watching.

The Best App for Digital Nomads

A digital nomad is someone who works online while using the freedom that grants them in order to travel the world and see the sights. These people aren’t necessarily incredibly wealthy – in fact they often make do on a minimal salary – but the point is that they design their lifestyle in such a way that they don’t even need to be wealthy in order to enjoy experiencing the world and

New Samsung Galaxy Round Specs, Price And Review By Tech You N Me

Its look like old day are coming back again Samsung have gone back to the day when curved screen were in fashion and had launched another galaxy but this time the screen of the new galaxy is not flat on the contrary it is curved just like the television screen of the old days It is hard to find out what new advantages the curved screen will bring to the

Top Apps For On-the-Go Trading And Stock Market Profits

There is no feeling better than making a couple hundred or thousand dollars of profit from opening up your mobile device and placing trades while sipping your morning latte at a coffee shop or waiting for a dental check-up. As smart phones become increasingly powerful, traders no longer have to use multiple monitors and huge trading platforms to actively participate in the markets. Thanks to the power of the modern

5 iOS Home Improvement Apps to Bring out the Interior Decorator in You

Planning to renovate your home and give it a brand new touch? Do you reckon your bathroom or kitchen needs remodeling? Need some help with ideas and inspiration? If yes, bring out your iPhone and check out the 5 amazing home improvement apps mentioned below. Houzz Interior Design Ideas One of the big boys in the field of interior design and home decor, Houzz Interior Design is hands down one

Finishing Your Degree on Your Time

One of the most difficult things that people face when finishing their degree is time. Between work and life in general, there’s just no time to fit school in. Thankfully, educators noticed, and began offering classes online. Taking a class online is as easy as it sounds, and, thankfully, affordable. During the past two decades, tuition has increased astronomically, and with it, student loans have increased as well. Many students

Nokia Lumia Amber Update For 520, 620, 720, 820 and 925

Nokia recent smart phones running windows 8 is all set to get smarter with the introduction of Nokia lasted software update for windows phone Amber. According to Nokia official the Amber update for windows phone Lumia 520, 620 , 820 and 925 will be started rolling out from last week of August. The customer using the above mentioned smart phones will get a message on their mobile that their phone

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini Preview With Specifications By Techyounme.com

Samsung has officially announced the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini. The phone had already shown up in various leaked images over the past few months so it was only a matter of time before it was officially unveiled. Let’s look at the key features of this new Android smartphone. Design: The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini has a polycarbonate plastic body that measures 124.6 x 61.3 x 8.9 mm