Rohit Bhisey

What WWDC 2017 Has in Store

With the announcement of the most awaited event, Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), that will be held between 5th and 9th of June, 2017 in California, U.S.A., speculations related to the major product lines and additions have been flying about. It has been reported that Siri is finally ready to enter the living room, with an Echo competitor being added to Apple’s line of products. Hardware Upgrades to Come to

Greenlight Bags US$7.5 Million to Provide Smart Debit Card for Kids

Gone are the days when parents used to handover some cash to their kids as allowance. In this age of technological sophistication, you could barely find cash lying around. Greenlight has launched a new smart debit card for kids which can be given to them by their parents. The Greenlight smart debit card has offered attractive features concerning the financial safety of children and how they can be financially responsible.

Third Largest Dwarf Planet 2007 OR10 Has a Moon, Discover Astronomers

Three space observatories, of which NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope is one, have uncovered a moon that orbits the third largest dwarf planet. 2007 OR10 resides in the outskirts of our solar system, in a place labeled as Kuiper Belt, a terrain of icy debris that supposedly remains from our planet’s formation process, nearly 4.6 billion years ago. Majority of Large Dwarf Planets Feature a Satellite With this new finding, it

Oil Prices Plummet Following OPEC Rollover

Various ministers from non-OPEC and OPEC countries that export oil reached an agreement for extending their present production cuts over the period of next nine months up to March 2018. The front-month prices of Brent Crude Futures closed down at $2.50 per barrel, translating to more than 4%. The decline in prices was evident when OPEC declared that it would roll over the existing production cuts instead of deepening them.

The Machine – World’s Fastest Supercomputer Unveiled by HPE

Hewlett Packard Enterprises revealed that it has finally built the world’s fastest futuristic supercomputer that can hypothetically support a Herculean 160TB of RAM. This supercomputer has been named as The Machine. Hewlett Packard Enterprises claims that it is a huge leap towards the vision of powerful computing. The company calls it the world’s biggest single-memory supercomputer and also one of the breakthrough projects in the company’s history. The project was

Facebook CEO Promotes Sense of Purpose in Harvard Speech

CEO of social media giant Mark Zuckerberg, returned to his university, Harvard on Thursday in order to provide graduates a commencing address. The speech was filled with appeals to build a connected world where everyone has a sense of purpose. The speech was wide-ranging and revolved around topics such as universal basic income, education, volunteering, charity, and climate change. He advocated globalism and said national and fighting authoritarianism the main