Rohit Bhisey

Bioinspired Microrobots to Spearhead Next Generation in Manufacturing Technology

The University of Manchester is currently working on robot bees and jumping robot spiders while aiming to make progress in microrobotics. Microsystems Research Theme Leader, Dr. Mostafa Nabawy was said to present part of his research on bioinspired microrobots at the Industry 4.0 Summit in Manchester last Thursday. Nabawy explains why microrobotics could lead next-gen manufacturing technology by being a robotics revolution. After training Phidippus regius, a jumping spider species,

MIT Introduces New System “Dubbed Veil” to Enhance Browsing Privacy

Similar to Incognito mode offered by Chrome, nearly every web browser today offers private-browsing modes, which have been built to temporarily refrain from storing the browsing history of the visitors. However, the data accessed during these sessions under private browsing still end up revealing information to the computer’s memory, which can be used by a cyber-attacker. While highlighting this vulnerability, a team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology

A Credit Card that Offers Zero Exchange Fees on Overseas Transaction

Tandem has launched a credit card in the UK which offers cash back on every purchase as well as no exchange fees when spending overseas. This new card works with Tandem’s personal finance manager app which you are required to plug into the existing bank accounts and credit cards in order to get and set budgeting goals so as to better manage your money. This new credit card offers market-leading

Serialization Becomes Springboard for Digitization for Companies

Serialisation of medicinal products, especially in Europe, can incur significant cost for manufacturers owing to stringent regulations that require manufacturers to apply unique identifiers to each package. According to the Directive 2011/62/EU and the associated Delegated Acts require that the identifier is printed clearly and has a data matrix code. Moreover, pharmaceutical companies that market authorization holders are also required to deliver serialisation data from their products to a European

Researchers Develop Most Effective Method to Convert Energy

In an unprecedented move, researchers have made substantial improvements to the efficiency of the technology that is utilized in the generation of solar fuel. This improved technology now coverts energy from sunlight directly into a usable fuel such as hydrogen. Making use of materials that are widely available in the planet earth, the researchers have invented the most efficient method of conversion so far.  Wide Available Resources are Used by

Fast Operating Speed Makes Tamper Evident Labeler Highly Efficient

LSS Labelling systems Scandinavia is reportedly launching a new Tamper Evident labelling machine through Pharmapack in February this year in Paris.  This labelling system, which is planned to be unveiled at the Novexx Solutions booth, is highly innovative and is expected to receive a high number of sales. The system manufactured by labelling specialists LSS from Denmark conforms to the European Falsified Directive (FMD). A significant part of this directive

New Study Could Help Improve Computing and Magnetic Memory

Magnetic materials for storing electronic data have been around for many decades now. In the more recent years. From magnetic tapes to floppy disk drives and hard disk drives, the field of magnetic data storage has continued to flourish in terms of technological advancement, precision, and storage capacity. In the more recent times, the magnetoresistance memory technology has started finding vast applications. Recently, a new discovery made by researchers at

Making Journalism Content Interesting Possible with Virtual Reality

As journalism touches new heights, new strategies are being implemented to make the stories more interesting. Virtual reality technology is one way by which journalists can attract more audience. However, according to researchers, this technology should be used in a limited way. This is primarily due to the stories’ credibility getting affected if virtual reality is used in high amount. A study published in the latest issue of Cyberpsychology, Behavior,

A New Software Uses Virtual Reality to Control Robots

With recent advancements robots can be controlled using virtual reality. Several improvements in their mechanism have enabled autonomous robots carry out diverse tasks by themselves. However, there still exists many circumstances where human control becomes necessary. To tackle this concern, computer scientists at the Brown University have innovated technologies enabling control and monitor of autonomous robots using virtual reality. This recent development has made it possible to control robots remotely.

Devising Computer Systems That Decrypt Human Cognitive Abilities

A research at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) employed computer systems that would replicate human intelligence. They discerned a system under which it is possible to analyze how an object of intelligence would interpret physical forces to respond to them. The researchers intend to answer questions about human cognitive abilities by building a computer system that can work similar to mental capacities of humans. The baseline for the research is

Shatter-Proof Mobile Phones Could Soon be a Reality

Delicate screens of mobile phone and their vulnerability to shocks and strains have been a matter of concern. The mobile screens have glass at their interface, which calls for a stronger crystal to retain the integrity of the front surface and make it resistant to shocks. A recent research conducted by the Australian National University (ANU) revealed that a certain atomic structure of glass could lead to the invention of

U.S. Nutraceuticals Market: Consumer Pro-activeness towards preventive Healthcare to drive Growth

Transparency Market Research (TMR) delivers key insights on the U.S. Nutraceuticals market in its upcoming outlook titled, “U.S. Nutraceuticals Market–Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2016–2024”. In terms of value, the U.S. Nutraceuticals market is projected to register a healthy CAGR of 5.3% during the forecast period due to various factors, regarding which TMR offers vital insights in detail. An important factor driving the growth of Nutraceuticals market

Algorithm that Corrects Multiple Flaws of an Image by Using Artificial Neural Networks

Digital images are playing an important role in communicating information to humans. For instance, medical scans are life saving and photo camera snapshots preserve wonderful memories. However, digital images have many flaws. They are subjected to blurriness, missing pixels, grainy noise, and color corruption. Computer scientists from the University of Maryland have designed an algorithm which makes use of artificial neural networks so as to apply wide range of fixes

First Smartphone Powered by SC9853I Produced in China!

Spreadtrum Communications company in China known for its fabless semiconductor with advanced technology in 2G, 3G, 4G wireless communication standards. The company has announced an Intel architecture based 14 mm mid and high end LTE platform which is being adopted by LEAGOO T5c smartphones. This will be the world’s first smartphone produced by China which is powered by SC9853I and has been launched on 4th December 2017. 25% More Operational

Smart Alarm Systems for Security Glass Panes Make Break-ins Harder

A wide variety of glass break detecting systems are available in the global marketplace. While most of these available systems trigger alarms reliably in case the window panes are manipulated, they do not effectively or at all alarm when other ways in which the panes can be interfered are employed. To solve this issue, researchers from the Fraunhofer IPMS (Institute for Photonic Microsystems) and the Fraunhofer INT (Institute for Technological

Sealink Multi-band to get Tampnet 4G LTE

Marlink has presented a critical availability help for its Gulf of Mexico clients with the expansion of Tampnet’s bleeding edge 4G LTE administrations to its rapid Sealink multi-band arrange. Seaward help vessels and boats can arrange Tampnet 4G availability completely coordinated with the Marlink organize as SmartConnect, expanding the officially accessible VSAT, L-band satcom and Wi-Fi administrations Marlink gives to oil and gas and shipper marine administrators in the locale.

Understanding Brain’s Processing through New Magnetic Patterns

Magnetic patterns have been scribed onto nanowires in different forms to decrypt and understand various processes. A recent advancement in this field has manifested that magnetic patterns could now be used to decode the processing mechanism of the brain. The substantial breakthrough came as a consequence of the ability to write magnetic patterns on nanowires in any desired form. This leap in the domain of magnetism is attributed to the

How IoT is Reinventing Smart Factories and Manufacturing

Soaring efficiencies, interfacing hardware and tools to assemble information and recover significant data, and maintain a strategic distance from spontaneous downtime on the shop floor are a large part of the practical difficulties faced by manufacturers. While the majority of them are as yet searching for approaches to increase better control over dispersed operations and dispose of repetitive procedures to cut working costs, production line computerization has taken up an

Technological Innovation makes it Possible to Write Magnetic Patterns on Nanowires

Analysts have demonstrated to compose any magnetic pattern wanted onto nanowires, which could enable PCs to impersonate how the brain forms information. Much current PC equipment, for pattern, hard drives, utilize magnetic memory gadgets. These depend on magnetic states – the heading infinitesimal magnets are pointing – to encode and read data. Colorful magnetic states -, for pattern, a point where three south poles intersect – depicts complex frameworks. These

Heat to Generate Electrical Current

Heat is generated by a lot of electronic devices every single day and that generated heat is wasted in most of the cases. Physicists at Bielfeld University, Germany have come up with a way to make use of the heat that is generated everyday by many of the electronic devices. Magnetic signals termed as ‘spin currents’, are generated through the application of heat. It is hoped that in near future,