Rohit Bhisey

Technological Innovation makes it Possible to Write Magnetic Patterns on Nanowires

Analysts have demonstrated to compose any magnetic pattern wanted onto nanowires, which could enable PCs to impersonate how the brain forms information. Much current PC equipment, for pattern, hard drives, utilize magnetic memory gadgets. These depend on magnetic states – the heading infinitesimal magnets are pointing – to encode and read data. Colorful magnetic states -, for pattern, a point where three south poles intersect – depicts complex frameworks. These

Heat to Generate Electrical Current

Heat is generated by a lot of electronic devices every single day and that generated heat is wasted in most of the cases. Physicists at Bielfeld University, Germany have come up with a way to make use of the heat that is generated everyday by many of the electronic devices. Magnetic signals termed as ‘spin currents’, are generated through the application of heat. It is hoped that in near future,

Volkswagen to Invest in New Car Technologies in the Next 5 Years

German automaker, Volkswagen, has planned to spend a whopping amount of US$ 40bn in the development of autonomous cars, electric cars, and new technologies that would further benefit the automobile segment. Following the supervisory board’s meeting for the company’s plans from 2018 to 2022, it has been reported that Volkswagen plans to spend this amount in the next five years. Focus on Digitization and Autonomous Vehicles  Most of the assured

5G Applications to Utilize Optically Tunable Antennas of Microwaves

Researchers of the University of Bristol have revealed substantial advancement in antennas through the usage of optically induced plasmas in silicone to regulate operation frequency and radiation patterns. Micro-Electro-Mechanicals Systems (MEMS) switches or diodes are used in the tuning of conventional antennas. These prevalent approaches have many disadvantages and are unable to scale up its performance as systems move to higher frequencies like 5G. Scope for Improvement of Future Communication

Using Virtual Reality to Make Teleoperation of Robots a Reality

Recent research has demonstrated that it’s getting to be less cumbersome for the process of teleoperating robots by utilizing virtual reality. This has the point of making it less difficult for assembly line laborers to work from home. Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have been working around the future course of work, noticing that numerous many assembling employments require a physical nearness to work hardware. The system

New Techniques to Replace DRAM based Systems

Researchers from the department of computer engineering at the North Carolina State University have come up with a hardware and software design that would minimize programming errors and enhance the performance of the systems that uses Non-volatile Memory (NVM) technology. Dynamic random access memory (DRAM) is used by the computers at present. However, DRAM has its own limitations that prevents it from being used by the next generation of systems

ISRO Develops Satellite-based Technology to Track Train Movements

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has developed a satellite-based system that can track the movements of trains on the real-time, providing information to passengers and their kin, as well as alerting road users at unmanned railway crossings. To deploy this technology, ISRO has developed integrated circuit (IC) chips that will be installed on ten thousand locomotives of trains across India, which has one of the largest railway infrastructure in

Emirates’ Unveils Fully Enclosed First Class Private Suites

In a bid to fill their seats with high-fliers, airlines world over are unveiling new luxury features and functionalities every now and then. And Emirates, an airline synonymous with high-end luxury, is the latest to come up with more eye-popping amenities to transform the experience of flying from bearable to downright enjoyable. To that end, Emirates ploughed millions of dollars for the redesign of its Boeing 777 that banks upon NASA technology and

Novel Technology Enables AI to Function without Internet

A new technology is paving the path for artificial intelligence (AI) to cut loose with the cloud computing and Internet. This technology has been developed at the University of Waterloo and the software created using this technology is compact enough to perfectly fit on the mobile computer chips to be used in a wide range of products from mobile phones to industrial robots. It permits devices to function without Internet

Researchers Create New Façade that Improve Energy Efficacy of Buildings

‘Two researchers at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid (UPM) have recently created a ventilated façade equipped with a double chamber and a flow control device, which ensures less energy consumption in buildings. This efficient and sustainable solution can be utilized in both new buildings and renovations due to its simplicity and ease of application. In a building, the facade is the key constructive element in order to meet the needs of

Self-Driving Shuttle Bumped into Delivery Truck in Vegas

In Las Vegas, a self-driving shuttle test in boulevards brought about a minor collision with a conveyance truck on Wednesday, with city authorities accusing the delivery truck driver. The truck driver was issued an activity ticket, authorities of Las Vegas said in an online post in regards to a minor impact. “The shuttle did its job perfectly, where its sensors supported the truck and the shuttle ceased to control the

Researchers Develop Optic Device to Measure Formation of Soot

A team of researchers at Sandia National Laboratories and the Technical University of Denmark have developed a new optical device that can create an image of pollutants in combusting fuel sprays. This device can measure the formation of soot, the particulate matter that primarily consists of carbon, as a function of space and time for a selection of combustion procedures. At first, the researchers concentrated on the combustion of the

Microsoft, Fujitsu & Digicel Develop Technology to Detect Sea Pollution

A collaborative effort from Microsoft Caribbean, Fujitsu Caribbean, Digicel, and the Institute of Marine Affairs (IMA) has led to the development of a new technology that can detect the level of pollution and inform about the potential repercussions it may have on the aquatic life as well as the connected ecosystem. The technology was deployed in the Gulf of Paria in October this year. Along with that, Claxton Bay Fishing

Uber to Soon Launch its “Flying Taxis” with NASA

Uber has stepped forward in its idea to make self-sufficient “flying taxicabs” a reality, marking an agreement with Nasa to build up the product to oversee them. Uber said its flying taxi administration would be simply electric and that an adventure that would take 80 minutes via auto in surge hour movement could be diminished to as less as 4 minutes. Uber expects to have some type of its air

Researchers Attain Milestone for Ultra-fast Communications

  In yet another move for the furtherance of computing and communication technology, research conducted at the University of Utah has culminated into a milestone achievement. A special kind of perovskite has been discovered, which is a combination of an inorganic and organic compound and is structurally similar to the original mineral. The distinct feature is that this substance can be arranged in layers on a silicon wafer so as

Now Smart Fabrics to Store Passcodes

Smart fabrics are primed to become mainstream given new innovative, functionalities being added to them every now and then. Take for example the latest development brought about by a group of researchers at the University of Washington (UW) – they have come up with a kind of smart fabric that could be a precursor to jackets that can store passcodes not visible and hence help you unlock your apartment or

Force Sensing through Flexible Skin to Aid Robots in Daily Chores

Engineers have built up an adaptable sensor ‘skin’ that can be extended over any piece of a robot’s prosthetic or body to precisely pass on data about shear powers and vibration, which are basic to errands going from cooking an egg to disassembling a bomb.  On the off chance that a robot is sent to incapacitate a roadside bomb – or carefully tackle an egg in the process of cooking

Disabled People to get Mobile through Self-driving Cars

Self-driving autos could reform how handicapped individuals get around their groups and even go a long way from home. Individuals who can’t see well or with physical or mental challenges that keep them from driving securely regularly depend on others – or nearby government or not-for-profit offices – to enable them to get around. Autonomous vehicle innovation all alone isn’t sufficient to enable these individuals to end up plainly more

Planet Nine – A Super Earth for Our Solar System

It might be enduring bashfully on the cold frosty outskirts of our solar system, concealing itself in the dark, but delicately pulling the moves behind the scenes: elongating the orbits of the distant celestial bodies, perhaps even bending the complete solar system on one side.  If such planet is present, it is extremely far off and is expected to remain that way with no possibility coming anywhere near to our

False News about Las Vegas Attack Propagated by Google and Facebook

Facebook and Google propagated false news stories asserting that the shooter who murdered more than 50 individuals in Las Vegas was a Democrat who restricted Donald Trump. The misidentification spread quickly from dull corners of the web to standard stages hours after hundreds were harmed at a celebration close to the Mandalay Bay club, the most recent case of phony news contaminating online networking in the midst of a breaking