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Air Traffic Management Get Blockchain Upgrade by NASA’s Efforts

In the last few months, Blockchain has had great success. The success of Blockchain and this time the aerospace industry is every industry trying to get their hands on. NASA is investigating various ways of using the Blockchain technology in their system. The scope of Blockchain technology in the US ATC system is seen as a NASA computer engineer, Ronald Reisman. ADS-B is supposed to go live in 2020, but

Technology to Reuse First and Second Rocket Stages Developed at ISRO

The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is now seeking to develop the reusable RLV technology to allow for reuse of the first and second phases of a rocket in order to reduce the cost of satellites launch into space. Last Jahr, K Sivan, has disclosed the plan for a world-class propulsion technology by Indian Space Agency that will ensure cost-effective re-usable, re-startable and reliable space launches. He mentioned how no

Facebook’s User Data Collection May be Barred by German Watchdog Group

A newspaper published Sunday reports that German anti-trust watchdog plans to order Facebook to stop collecting some user data. Facebook has been investigated over the last 4 years by the Federal Cartel Office, the national competition regulator of Germany. The Federal Cartel Office has now said that it will submit its conclusions to Facebook. Reuters noted that the group has been researching Facebook since years and that the company has

Tuya Smart Introduces Advanced Facial Recognition for Smart Devices

Startup Tuya Smart brought to CES 2019 a new home security system that claims to be able to spot known and not familiar faces. In addition to its long but controversial use in law enforcement and security, facial recognition makes this possible as technology is gaining traction in a range of consumer, automotive, retail and hotel services. Tuya unveils a brand new synthetic housing security (A.I.) system that uses the

CES Unfolds the World’s First ‘Foldable’ Android Phone

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2019 is taking place right now in Las Vegas. Shocking innovations and amusing technological advances form a key part of the event each year. Chinese company Royole launched a foldable screen smartphone at CES this year. The device is the flagship product, as Royole was founded in order to create flexible displays. The device, named ‘FlexPai’ seems rushed into production, as Samsung’s foldable phone is

Tailor-made Wearable Devices to be Sustainable, reports study

In the wearable devices market, smart watches and fitness bands are some key products. Worldwide, by 2021, the wearables market is predicted to double in size. As per a report, India saw wearable sales reach 2.7 million last year. As reported by a market research firm, Xiaomi held 41% share of the wearables market in India in the third quarter of 2018. GOQii followed Xiaomi at 19%. Titan, Samsung, and

Researchers design a more robust MEMS Switch

In a new development, researchers from Binghamton University have found a way to increase the longevity of cell phones and power lines. The new development is a joint effort of an assistant professor at Binghamton University and a graduate student. The joint effort has led to the development of a new type of microelectromechanical system – commonly known as MEMS switch. The system uses electrostatic levitation to offer a more

Wristband for Opioid Overdose alerts Developed by team of Students

In the U.S., by late 2017, owing to the statistics of opioid addiction it was declared as a national public health emergency. To serve opioid addiction, a team of software engineering students at Carnegie Mellon University have developed a wristband. The device can detect opioid overdose and raise an alarm and message to contacts of the user in a state of emergency. HopeBand, as the wristband has been aptly named,

Artificial Intelligence compelling for Retail Companies, finds study

As per a study published by French technology giant Capgemini, artificial intelligence (AI) could serve as an immense cost saving tool for retail companies. Monetarily, artificial intelligence offers cost saving opportunity of nearly US$340 billion for retail companies that can scale and expand their horizon of deployment. Howbeit, only per cent of retailers have attained this level of deployment of AI, reveals a study. The study emphasizes how unleashing AI

New Technologies Changing Transportation Sector Big Time

University of California’s Transportation Sustainability Research Center has revealed insights on the travel sector. As per its co-director Susan Shaheen, the sector would see many game-changing developments in the next couple of years. This could change the way we travel altogether. This, of course means, much more seamless transportation powered by latest technologies. It also means more number of transportation choices, including electric scooters and bikes. Some the key trends,

Digital Desk Services Market - Lucrative Opportunuty Across Globe

Service desk is a single point of contact between customers and service providers. It is intended to be the primary point of contact between the users and the organization. A typical service desk manages service requests, communication services, handles customization of the services, etc. This gives it a pivotal role, integrating the business processes with broader service management infrastructure. Obtain Report Details @ The need for digital transformation is

Accenture Acquires NJ-based Knowledgent to further its Data Intelligence Capabilities

Information Technology giants Accenture have acquired New Jersey-based Knowledgent, a data intelligence company that helps its clients gain actionable insights into their businesses and customers to gain a competitive advantage over their contenders in the market. The NJ-based establishment of the company houses over 175 highly skilled informationists which provide clients with an array of services namely data engineering, data strategy and architecture, and data management services. In a statement

Huawei to Face Bans in Europe as the US Urges its Diplomatic Partners to Restrict the Chinese-based Firm

Chinese based telecommunications equipment manufacturers Huawei is set to face another major blow as leading European countries start to shun the company’s network systems over security concerns. Europe is Huawei’s biggest commercial markets and the company will face extreme financial pressures with more and more companies opting out of using its services. Some European countries and telecom operators have decided to follow US’s lead who has already banned the Chinese

Online Travel Booking Offering Best Deals with Help of Hashtags

Ritu Mehrotra, country manager for India, Maldives, and Sri Lanka at online travel platform, has an innovative idea for business management. In an interview, Mehrotra stated that entrepreneurs should focus more on customers or users instead of competition. She invented the idea on pay-at-hotel model, which facilitates online booking for free. The idea has gained immense popularity in India as it reduces friction between partners and users. Mehrotra is also

Tachogenerators Market: Repository of Analysis and Information for Every Facet of the Market

A tachogenerator has the property of converting mechanical energy into electrical power by the process of turning of a shaft. If a tachogenerator is not connected to a load resistance, it will produce voltage approximately proportional to the speed of the shaft. When made with precision and an accurate design, tachogenerators can be made to produce very accurate voltages for the corresponding speeds of the shaft. This property of tachogenerators

Artificial Intelligence to Enter World of Graphic Designing

The world of graphics is yet to see a different phase in terms of innovative and better picture quality. Computer generated imagers are to see a vast difference in the years to come with the introduction of artificial Intelligence into the scene. The pictures are to become photorealistic, meaning each matter will have its own specific gloss and appearance differentiating it from the other. For instance the shine of a

Google Denies Selling Facial Recognition Tech to Stop Potential Abusement

In recent months, major tech firms are approaching towards the development of strong policies against facial recognition. Microsoft is leading the way on that front. They are putting stricter policies for greater regulation and requesting fellow companies to follow them. Google SVP Kent Walker confirms the company’s agreement for not selling facial recognition APIs. This action is expected to stop verbal abuse using facial recognition. Facial recognition technology is regarded

Comprehensive review of the growth path in terms of current, historical, and future prospects of the Global Cloud Computing Services Market

Global Cloud Computing Services Market : Brief Description Cloud computing services deliver information technology or IT as part of their service over the internet or a specific dedicated network. It is a payment based use and delivery on demand service type. Cloud computing services have a wide range of applications such as virtual desktops, storage, servers, and development platforms. Owing to the promising business opportunities cloud computing services offer to

Scientists Developed a Device to Boil Water from the Sun Radiations

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have invented the device, which can soak heat from the sun to boil water. This device is able to produce steam with more than 100 degree Celsius. This device will put off on the top of the water to avoid possibilities of contamination. This research and details of the device are published in Nature Communications. More about the Device: The suspended

Contactless Payment Transaction Market to Expand at 55.5% CAGR with Increasing Use of Smartphones - TMR

The global contactless payment transaction market is predicted in a report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) to witness a high level of competition among manufacturers. The report also notes that there could be a significantly aggressive seller scene observed in the market due to the entry of large and small players. The market is expected to find intense rivalry within different end-use industries on the part of contactless payment transaction. Influx of