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As one of the lead news writers on Tech You n Me, Hiren’s specialization lies in the science and technology domains. His passion for the latest developments in cloud technology, connected devices, nanotechnology, and virtual reality, among others, shines through in the most recent industry coverage he provides. Hiren’s take on the impact of digital technologies across the science, technology, and business domains gives his writing a fresh and modern outlook.

As We Ripe Benefits of IoT, Making it Child-proof is a Must

The Internet of Things (IoT) promises to revolutionize several sectors and we are already witnessing its presence around us. But this growing ubiquity of IoT also comes with a threat of privacy and security for youngsters. A number of innovations are currently underway that are aimed specifically at how children can explore and function with IoT connected devices while staying within privacy limits. One such privacy scheme is the creation

Robot Learning to Augment Student Engagement in Coming Days

Positioned around the class, every robot has a video screen placed, which is handled by the remote client that gives the understudy an opportunity to dish around the space to interact and see with the teacher and agnate understudies taking an interest face to face. As per the analysis by Online Learning, it is concluded that robot adapting by and large benefits remote understudies more than normal videoconferencing, where numerous

Connectivity Software for Building Layered Databus IoT Architectures

Seamless data sharing is often touted as one of the most crucial elements of any IoT applications. In industrial environments, especially, with the a vast range of conventional devices, processes, and operations working in tandem with the help of a variety of communications protocols, seamless data sharing takes precedence when it comes to earlier planning, designing, as well as the implementation of new products or technologies. When not managed well,

New Technology to Speed Up 3-D Printing

University of Michigan has developed a new software algorithm that is designed to enable 3D printers to print at much faster pace delivering prints of very high quality. The algorithm that has been developed by the university is supposed to speed up the pace of printing two times faster than the existing speed without any additional cost of hardware. Solution for Vibration-related Issues The vibrations that existing printers cause is

New Algorithm to Enhance Performance of Robots

A speedy collision detection algorithm is likely to improve the performance robots that would now act more like a human assistant at home or in operating rooms. Electrical engineers of the University of California San Diego have come up with a program called ‘Fastron’. This algorithm, Fastron, runs 8 times faster than the prevailing algorithms of collision detection. Applications of Fastron The team that is led by a computer and

3D Nano-magnets to Process Information Faster in Electronic Devices

Electronic devices may have evolved dramatically over the years, yet the manner in which they store and transmit information (bits) still remains the same since 1960’s – in two dimensional (2D) circuits. This, however, is set to change soon as well, since University of Cambridge researchers have come up with a magnetic circuit on nano-scale that enables information to be transmitted through three dimensions (3D) space. The new discovery could

Light-based Technology to be used for Assembling Electronic Components

A new method of manipulation that is based on light has been developed in a bid to facilitate mass production of electronic components for various devices like laptops, smartphones, computers, and many others. Introduction and implementation of faster and cheaper ways to make these components would thereby make connection of daily objects that spans from household appliances to clothing and internet to an advanced concept of Internet of things (IoT).

New Robotic Hand takes Prosthetics to New High

Have you wondered how it feels not be touched at all? We often tend to take the very feeling of touch for granted. However, loosing that feeling of touch is quite traumatic for those who are left without hands and limbs. Despite the availability of sophisticated prosthesis that are able to imitate each and every motion of hand through its complex yet technically-advanced moving joints and fingers, it remains an

Norway Opens First Fully Remote-controlled Platform

The Valemon field is one of the primary stand-alone development project in Norway by Statoil that contains nearly 192 million barrels of oil. Owing to its extremely high temperate and high pressure in fragmented nature, the reservoir is complex. Last weekend, it was announced that Valemon control room at Sandsli will be first of its kind platform that will operated completely remotely from land.  The head of the operation at

Researchers Develop Integrated Circuits to be Printed Directly on Fabric

A team of researchers from the University of Cambridge have successfully integrated breathable, stretchable, and washable electronic circuits into fabric, creating new opportunities for the growth of the wearable electronics and the smart textile industries. These circuits have been created using cheap and eco-friendly inks and have been printed with traditional inkjet printing techniques. The team has been working with their colleagues in China and Italy and have displayed how

Researchers at Sussex have a Lead on Fragile Screens of Smartphones

A team of researchers at the University of Sussex may have discovered a solution to the persistent problem of fragile screens of smart phones. Alan Dalton, a Professor at the University of Sussex, and his team have created a new method to make touch screens of smart phones less fragile, much cheaper, and more eco-friendly. Apart from this, the novel approach also assures devices that utilize less power, are quick

NEVS Unveil InMotion Self-driving Living Room Car Concept

As is invariably the case with new ideas, we can only hope for them to see the day of light in future but if the concept of InMotion indeed achieves commercialization, we may be sitting in living-room-like environment on our way to work. Electric vehicles and autonomous cars are the latest trends that promises to revolutionize the automotive sector, and now National Electric Vehicle Sweden (NEVS) have introduced InMotion, which

BMW Peeps into Future of Electric Motorbike with Motorrad Concept Link

The Motorrad Concept Link, a futuristic two-wheeled urban mobility with zero emission, is an ambitious vision of leviathan luxury automaker BMW. Design head Edgar Heinrich said that BMW Motorrad is focused on the mobility needs of the rider and also the rider while connecting the analogue and digital world. The reduced style, timeless electric motorcycle concept was revealed at the 2017 Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este in Germany. However, no plans

4,500% Contactless Card Fraud Boom in U.K. Criticized of Uncertainty

Contactless card fraud was alarmingly up to £7 m in 2016 in the U.K., compared to only £153 k in 2014. Furthermore, clickbait headlines point out the nearly 4,500% increase in the fraud. However, the fraud statistics have been expected to be misleading and also scaremongering, given a few vital facts under consideration. Not sure whether the headlines sprung from veiled agendas or lack of knowledge, but a hunt through

Bitcoin and Ethereum Era Approaching Fast

Bitcoin had entered the financial scenes as early as 2009, and has since then changed the way the world sees financial aspects and most importantly, online transactions and the limitations on it. All these years have seen the evolution of the Bitcoin which is now being used more and more across many virtual tables. Business, however, is likely to get its new makeover, in the form of the Ethereum. This

BlessU-2 – Robot Priest Offering Blessings at German Church

Evangelical Church in Hesse and Nassau in Germany have developed a robot priest called BlessU-2, which offers automated blessings by beaming lights from his hands and pronouncing the words. To mark the 500th year since the publication of “The Ninety-Five Theses,” which is regarded as a stepping stone for the spread of the Protestant Reformation, this unique robot was launched at the town of Wittenberg.  Robot Priest offers Blessings in

World’s Largest Aircraft to be Fully Operational by 2019

After sustained and colossal efforts spanning for about six years, Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has finally announced his plans to launch demonstration of a massive airplane, Stratolaunch, hailed as the largest airline ever built. As revealed by Jean Floyd, the chief executive of Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, has revealed the testing to be done tentatively by the end of 2019. The remarkably large-sized all-composite plan will enable the launch of satellite-bearing

Construction of European Extremely Large Telescope Begins

The construction of the super telescope, located on a 3,000 m high mountain in the middle of the Atacama Desert has started. The super telescope shall be operated by 2024 and will help astronomers in their hunt for alien life. Known as the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), this telescope is expected to be built around five times larger than the top notch telescopes used for observation at present. E-ELT

Study Recommends Hiking Tobacco Price to Reduce its Consumption

Michael Kunze, a renowned social medicine expert, has dedicated almost 30 years to studying the relation between tobacco pricing and tobacco consumption. As per the study, a meager one per cent hike in tobacco prices is bound to reduce its consumption by 0.5%. Following his footsteps, a diploma student called Richard Felsinger completed a study on the pricing policy between 1997 and 2015. The results of the analysis are now

Neural Networks May Live and Reproduce like Humans in Future

Innovations in science have proved time and again, even next to impossible can be imagined and achieved. A time when artificial intelligence is making headway stirring revolution in computer systems, researchers have yet again though beyond. This time around they are looking to develop artificial neural networks, which will reproduce like humans, distinguish between men and women, believe in God, and have western or eastern mindsets. What is an Artificial