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Oracle Architecture Foundational Certification Exams

Documenting your understanding of and expertise with Oracle IT architecture is a fundamental skill set beneficial in numerous fields in the IT industry. Professionals who wish to document their attainment of the essential knowledge and competencies associated with analyzing, implementing and working with Oracle IT architecture can do so by completing the foundation level Oracle IT Architecture Release 3 Essentials exam, which is designed the 1Z0-574. This exam earns candidates

wordpress laptop

Landing on the first page of Google requires on your part to optimize the various search engine ranking factors. Hard work is needed on a lot of aspects and it definitely doesn’t happens over-night. If you have a WordPress website, almost half of the work relating to SEO is already done since WordPress is optimized for SEO and getting your site rank more likely visible in search engines like Yahoo,

catalog priniting

Are you looking for some useful ways to market your business to its best? You need to find out the best method to promote your business in a better way. Promotion is important to enhance the market presence. In the recent era of online business, many business owners are still using catalogues to promote their products. Catalogue printing is the most effective ways to market your product as well as

Increasing Cyber Threats to Propel the Global Telecom Endpoint Security Market

High incidence of data thefts, greater cyber, spamware, and malware attacks are factors which drive the global market for telecom endpoint security. Greater endpoints across numerous end-user segments and industries are also key factors fuelling the demand for telecom endpoint security systems. The widespread incorporation of web based applications has a significant impact on the overall telecom endpoint security market. Greater adoption of endpoint security systems, rising investments, and high

Demand for Effective Customer Relationship Management to Stimulate Global Digital Marketing Software Market in Forthcoming Years

The popularity of digital media is a key factor that drives the global digital marketing software market. The adoption and extensive use of digital media can be observed in every walk of life today. Digital marketing as a promotional medium develops and maintains customer relationships via online activities. Web analytics, CRM (customer relationship management), email software, marketing automation software, and e-commerce software are a few of the vital tools that

Facebook to Launch its own Android Smartphone

As maintained for a long time now by Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, it does not have to build its own phone. But surely, it needs to find a bigger role to play when it comes to satisfying the customers on their mobile interface. Facebook needs to source channels to communicate, search for answers to questions and shop online and other ways to be entertained. Basically, it needs to become the

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software Market to be Driven by Cloud Technologies

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is essentially business management software which provides an integrated view of business processes. The software can be used by companies to collect, store, manage and further interpret data from various business activities. Some of the basic activities that can be streamlined using ERP include product planning, cost determination, service delivery, inventory management, marketing, sales, shipping, and payment.  The global ERP software market is currently faced with

Website Developers Should Make The Utmost Use Of The Available Resources

Website design needs to be attractive, as well as user friendly. It should have the ability to attract the attention of the people and also should emphasize the different aspects of your business. With the help of the website designing company the customers get the chance to bring out the best of their business that ultimately help the end customers stay glued to the website. If the web designing is

DARPA’s New Navigation Tool

We rely on navigation satellites and global positioning systems (GPS) for navigation. Hence, in the rare scenario, an occasional absence of these satellites would not only cause inconvenience to people looking for directions but would also pose a threat to the national security and destroy military missions.  DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has been working to find solutions to problems arising due to sudden inaccessibility of navigation satellites. DARRPA researchers

Choosing the Best Mobile Apps Development Company Widely Matters!

Smartphones have got all to do in today’s time. The major reason for the rising smartphone impact is apps, apps and apps. Today, there is an app for anything and everything. At the same time, one could simultaneously find the temperature at his next door or at any part of the world. In general, there are two types of mobile apps. Internet-driven and self-driven. Both these kind of apps have

LCD to Touch-screen Monitor in just $5

Researchers at Ubiquitous lab (University of Washington) have designed a sensor costing merely $5. This sensor can turn any household LCD into a touch-screen monitor. The sensor plugs into a wall and uses technology called uTouch. When the user’s hand moves close to or touches the screen, it causes electromagnetic interference (EMI). uTouch is capable of measuring EMI. The electricity running through every house has its unique electromagnetic signature. The

Creative Uses for Hidden Cameras

Did you know you can record high quality audio-video from something as small as a pen or a door peephole? Modern technology has made hidden video surveillance cameras an affordable and easy to use tool for anyone looking to enhance their personal security. These surveillance devices are a superb way of protecting and monitoring family, employees, and property; they can also be used in a number of other ways—even entertainment! Recording and

How Ordering Food Online Spices Up Your Life

Even a few years ago, food delivery was restricted to collecting menu cards that came with newspapers and ordering through phone hoping the order turns up. There were not too many people who offered you home delivery, and those who did offered you no confirmation or guarantee of service or quality. You simply had to take what was given to you. Fortunately, those days are gone! With the advent of

Converting Your Laptop into a Laptop Server: What You Need to Know

Yes, you can convert your laptop into a server, but the conversion process is a little difficult, and you will need to avoid certain pitfalls. If for some reason you’ve decide to use your laptop as a server, you must understand one thing, your laptop has not been designed and configured to act a server. If you want a server, you need to get your hands on a computer power

The Advantages of Wireless Mouse By Tech You N Me

More and more people are looking for wireless devices these days. They want to get rid of the wires as they not only occupy space but they are also not easy to handle. The popularity of various devices show the total sales of these devices are increasing day by day. Wireless mouse is among these devices which is highly popular among masses. They are highly convenient to use and it

Chart The Course Ahead With These Three Best GPS Gadgets

Planning a trip from Point A to Point B may not seem like such a difficulty in our modern world, but most of humanity throughout history would have a different perspective. Until very recently, there were three main forms of transportation: via ship, via walking and via horse. While this in and of itself could be inconvenient, there was also the added responsibility of maintaining course to ensure that a

New Karbonn Smart A27+ Specification, Price And Review

Another smart phone from an Indian MNC Karbon named smart A27+ Karbon has been dishing out smart phone at quiet a regular interval now so is the new smart phone do justice to it name smart? Let’s find out. Build and Display The build quality is nothing to boast about its quiet normal and very much similar to other smart phone made by Karbon the one thing good about the

5 Great Tools for Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

When on one hand, iOS and Android have become most popular mobile operating systems, on the other hand, Windows 7 and BlackBerry are fighting to get recognized. While the operating systems of mobile devices are seeing ups and downs, what matters the most is: how do you choose between and omit the devices to develop for? However, it is much more difficult than it seems to be. When people have

5 Big Mistakes All The Newbie App Developers Are Making

It’s not enough to simply build an app, so I’ve talked about the big mistakes developers are making at the moment. It seems like everyone is getting involved in the world of mobile app development these days, but it’s no surprise considering how much money is at stake. Unfortunately all the money seems to be going to the same people because most developers can’t do anything right. Just because you

5 Reasons Why Opera Mini is a PERFECT MATCH for you PC

When it comes to web browsers, there are several options available for users. The most popular among them include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and the reliable Opera. However, there are some users who prefer to use the mini version of Opera. Why do some like using the lighter, stripped-down version of this popular web browser? Are there advantages in doing so? What specific features of the mini