Audit of Apps, a New Way of Twitter to Ensure User Safety

Audit of Apps, a New Way of Twitter to Ensure User Safety


Twitter – the blogging site has decided to conduct an audit of app developers who use data from the online platform. The audit will start on June 19; developers must submit their apps to Twitter for the review process. Mainly the developers who use recent tweets or mention users 100,000 times/day will have to undergo this audit.

Yoel Roth, Head of site integrity at Twitter, said that the goal of this audit was to ensure the safety and privacy of users. Also, these audits will ensure the safety of users who play online games and log in through Twitter.

Ensuring User Safety is Important

If any developer violates policies, they will get kicked from the blogging site. Those who will fail to submit will be under the 100,000 requests per day under the application programming interfaces (APIs).

This API makes the blogging site different from other platforms. In addition, everything that happens at Twitter is generally published, Roth added.

Designers using Twitter information as business apparatuses for social media monitoring or customer services have to pay. They have to enter with a valid commercial licensing agreement with usage-based the undisclosed custom value.

Additionally, Twitter would not determine the range of costs reduction, which won’t secure trust. The developer will have free access to the API if they present genuine use cases such as any third-party Twitter customer.

Twitter says they have suspended 1,62,000 applications in the second half of 2018, for ensuring balance to their ecosystem. Also, the company is eager to stop developers for messing around with the safety of their users. In order to ensure this, the company took numerous steps earlier and this audit is one of them.