Artificial Intelligence (AI) Microscopes to Ease Microbiology Lab Procedures

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Microscopes to Ease Microbiology Lab Procedures


A recent research paper published in the Journal of Clinical Microbiology states that a recently designed Artificial Intelligence (AI) microscope could closely scrutinize the presence of fatal blood infections, thus, enhancing the survival rate of patients. The microscope is believed to accurately analyze bacteria, thus, aiding the microbiologists with apt diagnosis. The technology is expected to bolster research in microbiology laboratories, and up the standards of patient care.

Hypothesis to Device AI Microscopes

The researchers stated that designing a model for an AI microscope was a perpetual process involving the execution of a convolutional neural network (CNN). The researchers employed an automated microscope to excavate high-resolution images, and combined the images with the results gained from CNN. This made it possible to analyze bacteria, thus, leading to the successful designing of an AI microscope. The recognition of bacteria required continuous rounds of scrutiny and analysis before the machine could categorize the three forms of bacteria viz. round clusters, rod-shaped, and round chains.

Positive Signs for Microbiology and Patient Care

The AI enabled microscope’s algorithm furnished a little over 93% accurate results for all the categories of bacteria. The pioneer researchers suggest that the breakthrough could be consolidated across various domains, making it the first automated system for categorizing and analyzing bacteria. Moreover, the AI microscopes could substantially alleviate the pressure on microbiologists and their corresponding laboratories in gauging results. In the US, there is a dire need for microbiologists in order to cater to the rising need for microbiology experiments. These microscopes could fill that vacuum by fitting into the roles of human microbiologists. It is also expected that bloodstream infections could be largely controlled after the employment of these microscopes within the framework.

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