Armor Protection Systems Market – Expected to Witness Strong Growth during the Forecast Period

Armor protection systems are used to protect armored vehicle and soldiers from enemy attacks. The global rising concern for security is resulting into the need for armor protection systems for vehicle and soldier’s safety. The market is expected to witness strong growth during the forecast period.

There are several factors driving the demand for armor protection systems globally. The rising concern for terrorist activities in countries like Belgium, the U.S., and France among others has led to need for body armor and armor protection systems for the armed forces. Furthermore, these armor protection systems are flame resistant and shield the soldiers from heat during bomb attacks.

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Moreover Kevlar body armors are light and extremely strong against bullet attacks. Hence these are also preferred for the defense and law enforcement agencies. In addition, the traditional body armor is gradually being replaced with interceptor body armor systems which include ballistic plates. The body armor system includes collar device which protects the collar and throat, groin protector, axillary protection systems, back extender, combat diapers, side plate carriers and upper leg protector.

The ballistic plate protects the armor from bullets from handgun and submachine gun. Furthermore it can also withstand lower velocity fragments. For vehicles, the armor protection systems are built with steel and heat absorbing materials which are soft and elastic in nature.