Are Tablets With Keyboards More Convenient Than a Laptop?

While the debate whether tablets, smartphones or laptops are better for you seems more a matter of preference than practicality, the truth is that it depends largely on your computing habits and needs. Faster processors, better screens, and more powerful memory allocation have facilitated the transition of intensive programs to smaller devices in recent years, but it turns out that each one has its place – which is why, although tablet sales have soared in recent years, many people opt to carry multiple mobile devices.

The Tablet Gains Ground with a Keyboard

Although the attractive touchscreen and swipe ability of the tablet pc is a mainstay for most of the applications you would run on it, there are times when a keyboard is indispensable. Indeed, for a time, this was the major advantage that laptops and ultrabooks had over tablets, but the introduction of keyboard docks changed that.

Now you can eschew the heavy laptop or the light-but-sizable ultrabook in favor of the compact, exceptionally portable tablet and keyboard. Especially relevant for college students and on-the-go businesspersons, the convenience of this level of portability cannot be understated – a tablet doesn’t even require a bag.

The weight of even a small laptop can become considerable when you are truly mobile, and need a similar amount of access to your device as you have to your cell phone. Because the keyboard part of a tablet is detachable, you can carry them separately for considerably less bulk – fitting each in a separate coat pocket or a small canvas pack with other necessities.

It’s really the advancements in computing power and product miniaturization that make tablets a replacement for the laptop – after all, what programs are you going to use when you’re mobile? Web browsing, document writing and editing, note-taking, and other common laptop tasks can be handled very easily by today’s tablets – which are getting ever more powerful still.

The Laptop Still Performs a Very Important Function

Despite the tablet’s current place as the pinnacle of ultra-mobile computing, the laptop will not surrender all of the mobile real estate. You still sometimes require power while on the go; if you have to edit video using computer-intensive programs like Photoshop, or prepare high-resolution PowerPoint presentations, then a laptop is probably your best bet. Tablets are growing more powerful, but they’re not efficiently capable of performing such tasks yet.

The Everyday Utility of the Tablet and Keyboard

Much of what you do during the day can be handled by a tablet. Previously, users would opt for a laptop so that sending email, editing drafts, and anything else that requires typing could be accomplished efficiently. The swipe function of a tablet is great for gaming and browsing, but can be cumbersome when it comes to anything else. The detachable keyboard takes care of all the previous weaknesses, so that you don’t have to wait to get home or to the office to complete a task on your desktop or laptop.

Reading news and events, checking email, and playing the occasional game no longer requires lugging around large laptops. The tablet is tailor-made for these functions, and helps make the laptop a more specialized tool for heavy computing.

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