Apps to find lost phone

Losing your property has always been a worry. Be it through misplacement or theft, the dread doesn’t stem from what you think is being done with the item – you’re more concerned about getting it back. Unfortunately, with no way of tracking most items, you’re only likely to find it if you get tipped off, or if security cameras caught the thief.

 Smart phones, however, offer two significant changes to this status quo. The worry about what is being done with the phone is real – we implicitly trust our phones with a lot of personal data. Who knows what a thief could do if they gained access to everything. But thankfully, you can now protect and track your phone remotely. Apps just aren’t for games, productivity and social interactions – now they can aid in returning your phone to you!

 But which is best? Here are a few we have trialed for iPhone.

 Find My iPhone

 Unique features – Free and Apple-centric.

 The go-to option for most, it seems, is the default one provided by Apple. You can activate this once you sign up to the iCloud, and should you lose your phone, you simply log on to Apple’s website, or find another phone with the service enabled, and the search will begin.

 Utilising a combination of GPS and phone signal triangulation, you’re phone will be found, and it’s co-ordinates will be shown on a map. Should you be unable to reach it for whatever reason, you can choose to lock the phone remotely, or if needs be, wipe the phone clean.


Unique features – Family tracking

While it may lack some of the remote access features these other apps do, Life360 allows you to track not only your own, but your families phones as well. The app also takes steps that ensure your location data isn’t always “on”, thus not draining your battery.

 Device Locator

 Unique features – Remote picture taking

 Sound pointless? Well think about it – if you have a forward facing camera, Device Locator allows you to take a picture off of it. Who is likely to be looking at your phone? The person who stole it! The app offers other remote options such as messaging, app locking, and battery checking too.


 Unique features – Security and Locator app in one

 Not content with just finding your phone, the Lookout app also provides you with little security tips. For instance, it will warn you if you are about to log on to an unprotected Wi-Fi network, or if your Operating System is out of date. It will also allow you to set up “emergency contacts”, that lists people the person who finds the phone can contact to let them know the phone has been found.

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