Apple Users slowdown for Upgrading Devices, Demand Simple Features

Apple Users slowdown for Upgrading Devices, Demand Simple Features

AppleApple may have set benchmarks for features on iPhones and other electronic devices, but the company is grappling with a realistic issue. This is related to several features on these devices to be too complicated to be understood by many users.

To address this, the company has been making efforts one of which is to explain the functional features of Messages app to users. The idea behind this is to empower users with the functional features of the Messages app to serve as an all-purpose tool. The demonstration included how users could order food, send funny images with messages, and scribble doodles on Messages app available on Apple devices.

Complexities of Integrating Apps with Apple’s Messages app Leads to Drop in User Interest

However, the process of finding and installing other apps on Messages is cumbersome with most users not aware of the feature. This is resulting in apps to drop Messages partially or completely as they are not receiving enough interest. For example, DoorDash, a food-delivery app dropped Messages app for group orders few months after its release as it did not receive enough interest.

Akin to this, lack of interest among users as well as developers has limited the adoption of iPhone’s 3-D Touch feature. The sales of Apple Watch have also been hampered because of the learning needed for users in terms of mastering pushing, turning, and tapping several parts of not only the watch but a related iPhone app as well.

With a slowdown in the addition of features on Apple devices, customers have paced down to upgrade their devices. This has paused app developers as well in the race among consumers to adopt Apple’s latest innovations.

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