Apple to Unveil iPad with Face ID in 2018

Apple to Unveil iPad with Face ID in 2018

iPad with Face ID

I-phone X may have just hit the market, but Apple Inc. is not one to sit complacent. It has already begun work on redesigning a high-end iPad having many of the important features of iPhone X such as edges that are slimmer and facial recognition. The new product is set to be launched as early as 2018.

What’s special in the upcoming model?

The new version, however, may not have an OLED screen that accords vivid colors and clarity which is sharper, as per sources who refused to be named. Another difference – at least one new model of iPad with a screen size akin to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro will come equipped with a Face ID for device unlocking, payments, and forwarding animated emojis. It will supplant the Touch ID home button.

Doing away with touch ID, will enable Apple to bring the iPad’s bottom bezel nearer to the edge of the device. This is expected to bring about a more immersive screen that hogs almost the entire front of the 2018 iPad. The company has reduced the iPad Pro’s side bezels considerably in the 10.5 model that was launched in the market in June.

The current crop of iPads still leverage a physical home button which has to be clicked. It seems a bit outdated after last year’s iPhone 7 adopted a non-moving button that imitates presses with vibration. Apple has used the technology again in the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, launched this year.

Apple considers the iPad as its future for mainstream computing and has continuously upgraded its capabilities year-after-year so as to appeal to business and professional users.