Apple Leverages Augmented Reality to Provide Directions within Cities

Apple Leverages Augmented Reality to Provide Directions within Cities


One of the most prominent changes in iOS 11 is supposed to be ARKit, a framework which was introduced in June to create unequaled augmented reality (AR) experience for iPad and iPhone users. An inside reality has revealed that Apple could be transforming iPhone into a device that is well-suited to AR. Felix Lapalme‏, an iOS developer, has been digging out assets in the Maps app bundle to determine if Apple is about to exploit AR for facilitating turn-by-turn directions. In July, Lapalme searched around an iOS 11’s beta edition and located an enigmatic 3D arrow for the Maps app.

iOS 11 Equipped for Turn-by-turn Navigation Inside Malls, Museums

Although some could have the opinion that Apple is about to employ the 3D arrow for turn-by-turn directions as in conventional navigation apps, the company has been anticipated to take a different route. There could be some code that asks users to tilt their phones in front of their faces when engaging walking directions. Additionally, the Maps app could use their phone cameras. If people recollect the Project Tango by Google, they could remember the company had promised to engage AR to offer turn-by-turn directions inside malls and museums.

Expected to follow suit, Apple has already publicized its plans to implement comprehensive maps of malls and airports in iOS 11. This September, the company could ship the upcoming iPhone and iOS 11. It wouldn’t be any surprise to Apple users if the company talks about a feature that could walk them around a mall or an airport to locate the nearest coffee shop. It could resemble the ARKit + CoreLocation app developed by Andrew Hart, another iOS product developer.

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