Anti-Counterfeit Clothing Packaging Market : A Well-Defined Technological Growth Map With An Impact-Analysis

The increasing incidents of forging have become a matter of concern for original clothing manufacturers across the world. The practice of counterfeiting has been resulting in inestimable perceptible and imperceptible losses for the global clothing industry. Counterfeiting not only affects the revenue of these companies but also affects the end-users. Clothing industry players across the globe are unceasingly taking steps to curb the penetration of counterfeit products in their supply chain. Apart from this, low quality of counterfeit products affects the brand image of the company and also results in exasperation among consumers. The forged packaging in case of branded clothes is so well-replicated that it gets skipped during normal inspection and, thereby makes entry into the retail market. The poor product quality of these counterfeit clothing products poses several problems for consumers relating to skin irritation, colour fading after wash, etc., which consequently lead to the deterioration of the brand image of the concerned apparel company.

Counterfeiting practice affects the company’s gross revenue and results in immense long term damage to its credibility in the market, which further impacts its marketing strategy severely. Every year, significant amount of losses are incurred by the operating players due to the usage and sale of counterfeit products in the global clothing industry.

The anti-counterfeit clothing packaging technology has emerged as an efficient solution for detecting counterfeit clothing products globally. The main reason why the clothing industry is being severely affected by counterfeit products is that these products are easily available and are found virtually everywhere in the local market. In view of the rise in the number of clothing counterfeit cases, the anti-counterfeit clothing packaging market is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period of 2016-2024.

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Several innovative technologies with ease-in-access and operational excellence are making foray into market for verification and authentication of the original clothing products. Manufacturers are increasingly adopting these technologies, which is further propelling the demand for anti-counterfeit clothing packaging globally. Growing use of highly proficient RFID technology is one of the most significant factors that is fueling the overall growth of anti-counterfeit clothing packaging market globally. Due to these reasons, the global anti-counterfeit clothing packaging market is anticipated to grow at a significantly higher growth rate over the forecast period.

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