Amazon’s New Tech Vests Helps Robots Respond to Human Presence

Amazon’s New Tech Vests Helps Robots Respond to Human Presence


Amazon has launched a new tech vest for its workers in over 25+ sites. These sites are mostly warehouses, where robots and humans work in close proximity. The safety kit looks much like a pair of suspenders with a built-in signaling system which cautions the robot. Amazon reported that the system has noted over a million signals so far.

The new suspender kit promises to carry a lot more safety aid for workers. According to official Amazon sources, the tech vests would provide multiple safety systems. These would include training materials, physical restrictions to entry, process controls and on-board.

This new signaling system aims to help keep workers safer around robots, and also aids operation. Amazon hired fewer seasonal worker this year, as compared to previous two.

Amazon Makes Further Progress in Warehouse Automation

These tech vests mark an improvement in worker safety. Earlier this year, robots were reportedly involved in an accident, hospitalizing over two dozen employees.

The tech vest would signal the robot to slow down and also suggest an alternative route or path. Amazon warehouse workers often work closely with robots, especially to fix the machines and retrieve fallen goods.

Earlier, a detection system was in place to alert robots of such collisions. However, earlier workers were required to mark ‘zones’ in order to alert robots. With the help of the new system, robots can detect humans from much farther and also intelligently update its records to plan an alternative path.

This policy seems to be a positive step from Amazon, which continues to automate its warehouse operations. Earlier last year, the company also tested a completely self-service styled automated grocery store.

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