Aluminum-Free Food Pouch Market – Being Eco-friendly has Lucrative Growth

A lot of changes are occurring in the food packaging system from the way the food is produced to how it is distributed, stored, processed and retailed. Food pouches are common flexible packaging formats for everyday food products. They combine the advantages of traditional, rigid food packaging with modern flexible material. The aluminum-free pouches are designed for packaging of food and has numerous technical advantages. Packages are also required to be recyclable and easily disposable therefore most companies have switched to using the European and USA-patented Ensobarr barrier coating, which replaces the aluminum laminating in packaging boards.

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The aluminum free food pouches with value added features continue to stimulate the growth for pouches overall, with spouted pouches and retort pouches posting fast gains. The aluminum free food pouch market can be segmented on the basis of material type, pouch type, by its application and by region. On the basis of material type, the market is segmented into flexible plastic which includes films and sheet, rigid plastic and others.

The use of aluminum free food pouches are widely accepted by the consumers as they are lightweight and easy to handle, in addition to being eco-friendly. In addition, these pouches are more cost effective as compared to aluminum pouches as they offer flexibility and ensure better shelf visibility, thereby driving the growth of this market.