Alcohol-free Beer Trending among Young & Health Conscious People

Alcohol-free Beer Trending among Young & Health Conscious People


The perception that beer is harmful is changing, slowly but surely. And the advent of low- or no-alcohol beer has helped this shift significantly. A recent study by Mintel sampled two groups of about 1,000 and 2,000 people who belonged to Poland, Germany, Spain, France, and Italy, and it was detected that a good chunk of respondents thought alcohol-free beer or low content is as good as its full strength counterpart. This trend was particularly evident among the youth, as three out of ten German youngsters aged between 18 and 24 agreed that alcohol light or free beer is not harmful.

Most French Respondents Agreed Alcohol-free Beer Assists Control

Health and wellness trends is here, highly evident among the urban population wherein sedentary lifestyle has prevailed. Alcoholism has been a serious issue with the society for a number of decades but consumers are now being drawn towards moderate beer options. Among the French, 56 percent respondents believed that low or no alcohol beer enables them to stay in control of their drinking desires. The study suggests that the trend among the drinkers is to stay out of trouble, especially with the ubiquity of smartphones and penetration of social media.

Consumers are now staying indoors, avoiding over-drinking, and providing a strong traction to the manufacturers involved in the alcohol-free beer market. Going forward, marketing strategies to increase the awareness levels and making low- and non-alcoholic beer available at traditional bars and restaurants is expected to further propel the demand.