How Alcohol Companies Deny Any Association with Cancer

How Alcohol Companies Deny Any Association with Cancer


The health messages that are downplayed by alcohol companies regarding risk of cancer is highly misleading, state researchers. The consumers are getting distorted health messages. The alcohol industry is using the denial, distraction, and distortion method or strategy to minimize the proof of any activity that can be parallel to the tobacco industry, said a study led by the the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) with Sweden’s Karolinska Institutet. Researchers have analyzed information relating to cancer on documents and websites of around 30 alcohol companies last year and found out that most of them showed some sort of distorted or misleading evidence. 

The alcohol industry mostly presents the relation between cancer and alcohol as highly complex and implies that there is no clear evidence of a consistent or independent link. Some of the other tactics included by alcohol industries to deny relation with cancer is there claim that there is no risk in light or moderate drinking and also stated that alcohol presents just one risk of the many. 

The researchers said that one of the important observation they made was that the alcohol industry specifically omit or misinterpret the evidence on breast and colorectal cancer, may be because these are the two most common types of cancers. Researchers are urging policy makers and public health bodies to reconsider their relation with the industry as they are involved deeply in developing alcohol policy and disseminating health messages to the masses in many nations. 

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