Air Traffic Management Get Blockchain Upgrade by NASA’s Efforts

Air Traffic Management Get Blockchain Upgrade by NASA’s Efforts


In the last few months, Blockchain has had great success. The success of Blockchain and this time the aerospace industry is every industry trying to get their hands on. NASA is investigating various ways of using the Blockchain technology in their system. The scope of Blockchain technology in the US ATC system is seen as a NASA computer engineer, Ronald Reisman. ADS-B is supposed to go live in 2020, but Reisman already believes the system is at risk of cyber attacks. This is the long-aimed ADS-B system. ADS-B is a monitoring technology in which an aircraft determines and tracks its location through satellite navigation.

Benefits of Using Blockchain in Aviation

Pilots with an optional ADS-B receiver will also receive information on the traffic and will be able to benefit from several more advantages. Aircraft in the most controlled United States According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) website, Airspace shall be equipped for ADS-B Out until 1 January 2020. The FAA has stated that the system is an economical alternative to the current RADAR system and provides better local and international awareness of situations.

The new framework also includes a smart contract support, higher bandwidth private information communications channels, along with certificate authority, which can be used for secure communication between an authorized member and specific aircraft. The Linux Hyperledger Fabric and Smart Contracts supply the Aviation Blockchain Infrastructure (ABI), and come with a state-owned channel that allows users to fully control the public or private data shared among authorized companies. Confidential transaction channels are used.

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