AI2 Focuses on Developing Better Intelligent Artificial Intelligence

AI2 Focuses on Developing Better Intelligent Artificial Intelligence


Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) is currently working on developing artificial intelligence that replicates human intelligence. The non-profit organization has been persistently working toward developing high-impact AI to benefit the society. Despite Baidu, Google, and Microsoft being competitors the organizations are working together to understand the academics involved in engineering such as high level of game-changing artificial intelligence.

Growing Volume to Data Makes it Difficult to Identify Authentic Resources

The organization is more interested in promoting their discovery.  Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence (AI2) was lunched by Paul Allen, who is also a Microsoft co-founder. The aim of the institute is to invest in develop good AI and groundbreaking computer science for a common purpose. The research and develop does face a

few challenges such as identifying the correct resources as the volume of information is soaring at a phenomenal pace. For instance, about three years ago there were 100 million or more scholarly English-language documents reported on the Web. However, the number has doubled since then and it has now become a Herculean task to index all these for AI agents and search engines.

The Open Academic Search initiative, which was organized recently is aimed at creating a pool of talent that can co-depend to flourish. It is primarily meant for facilitating sharing of metadata, innumerable resources, and user behavior data supplement the research. Tools such as ScienceParse, Open Research Corpus, Semantic Scholar API, and PDFFigures were recently released in bid to expedite the process of innovation in the field of academics.