AI to Assist in Recruiting Now

AI to Assist in Recruiting Now


Thanks to new applications of artificial intelligence (AI) being discovered every now and then, a robot could soon be taking your interviews for jobs. This is because a startup in Russia called Stafory came up with such a robot which they have named Vera. The functioning of the robot is underpinned by AI algorithms. As per co-founder Kostarev, Vera was programmed using precisely 1.4 million interviews, 160, 000 books, and Wikipedia as well. All of it was done via machine learning.

Robot Vera Can Make Interviewing Cost-effective

While in the initial stages Vera robot followed a script, she no longer does so now. The robot comprehends the kind of answers provided by the candidates. The biggest benefit of Vera, say its makers, is its ability to bring down costs incurred by companies. Besides, it may also result in candidates giving more honest feedback on a job offer due to absence of judgmental human recruiters.

At present, robot Vera has 200 clients – prominent companies that hire selected candidates via traditional interviews and final selection. ZipRecruiter, a US-based company, for example is saying that with Vera every job offer gets posted in the blink of an eye in almost 100 websites. The algorithm then combs through the information provided by 10 million jobseekers registered with ZipRecruiter to understand which one is most suited to the job. It then provides the employer a list of names matching the criteria, thus saving a lot of time of the recruiters.

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