Adaptive Water Management Solutions Market: Reporting and evaluation of recent industry developments

Adaptive management (also known as adaptive resource management) being a learning process, is used like a tool to change and also learn a system to improve management outcomes in the long run. It is a cyclical process wherein it relies on the results of the actions taken earlier in order to introduce future actions. Adaptive water management is a vital strategy to improve the adaptive capacity of water systems. Adaptive water management is an approach which attends uncertainties and complex situations by sustaining and increasing the capacity to learn while carrying out management initiatives. This learning is supported by an iterative process examining and improvising analytical methods and policies put forth by the management in relation to the insights based on the outcomes from the already implemented strategies. It can flexibly respond to (called passive adapting) or probe pro-actively (called active adapting) for new intelligence and data.

Adaptive water management helps the ecosystem management to become even more flexible with a systematic approach. The new approaches to adaptive water management identify the important elements of the present water management systems and inspect and scrutinise their independence. Water management solutions such as meter data management, supervisory control and data acquisition or SCADA and advanced metering infrastructure are witnessing global acceptance. Also, emerging solutions such as cloth media filtration, primary filtration, integrated membrane systems and smart irrigation and network monitoring are expected to have higher growth rate, especially in developed countries. The global adaptive water management solutions market is expected to witness a higher growth rate during the period of forecast.

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Adaptive Water Management Solutions Market: Push Factors

Upsurge in the global investment in water management solutions, reduction in operating costs, integration of the Internet of Things (IoT), increased awareness of saving water resources owing to changing climatic conditions and rising urbanisation are few of the drivers that are likely to facilitate the growth of the global adaptive water management solutions market.

Adaptive Water Management Solutions Market: Pull Factors

Many structural changes are required in order to implement different water management approaches. Such changes are slow. Also, another challenge in adopting adaptive water management lies in finding the correct balance between acquiring knowledge in order to improvise the management in future and achieving the best outcome based on current knowledge.

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Adaptive Water Management Solutions Market: Key Regions

Region wise North America is expected to witness good growth in the global adaptive water management solutions market during the forecast period. Moreover, the market in Latin America is likely to witness steady growth in the global adaptive water management solutions market. APAC, Middle East and Africa are expected to witness high growth rates owing to increased demand for infrastructural projects across the regions.

Adaptive Water Management Solutions Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global adaptive water management solutions market are spread across the world, especially in the Americas and Europe. Some of them include Water Management Solutions UK Ltd., Schneider Electric, IBM and ABB Group. New players are also emerging in some of the developing countries.