Accenture Acquires NJ-based Knowledgent to further its Data Intelligence Capabilities

Accenture Acquires NJ-based Knowledgent to further its Data Intelligence Capabilities


Information Technology giants Accenture have acquired New Jersey-based Knowledgent, a data intelligence company that helps its clients gain actionable insights into their businesses and customers to gain a competitive advantage over their contenders in the market. The NJ-based establishment of the company houses over 175 highly skilled informationists which provide clients with an array of services namely data engineering, data strategy and architecture, and data management services. In a statement released by Accenture, the company elucidated that the services offered by Knowledgent complement the services they provide their clients and the acquisition of the NJ-based company will aid them in further enhancing their data services.

Accenture has been one of the major investors in data services in recent times. The company has invested in machine-led solutions, skilled data specialists, and platforms and data capabilities that aids its clients in leveraging their data to streamline their business strategies and yield maximum profits. Like Accenture, Knowledgent has also been instrumental in providing cutting-edge, innovative solutions to their clients that help them manage and harness their data to gain a competitive edge over the other market players. Knowledgent holds vast experience in providing data-driven services to companies in the healthcare, life sciences, and financial services domains.

The Knowledgent buyout is just another acquisition made by Accenture under its $1 billion M&A strategy. The Ireland-based information technology has acquired companies across various tiers of information technology in 2018. Earlier this month, Accenture made two major acquisitions in Zafin and PrimeQ. While Zafin is a financial services software provider, PrimeQ is a SaaS integrator and a managed services provider that lent its support to Oracle in Australia and New Zealand. With PrimeQ’s acquisition Accenture automatically became Oracle’s biggest cloud systems integrator in the Oceania region.

Apart from Zafin and PrimeQ, Accenture also acquired Enaxis Consulting earlier this month. The digital consulting firm is based out of Houston and specializes in IoT, analytics, and robotics across the gas, oil and airlines markets. Enaxis served an elite list of clients, a majority of which were Fortune 500 companies. Other companies that were acquired as a part of Accenture’s M&A strategy were Adobe partner Kaplan, SAP partner Intrigo Systems, Kolle Rebbe, DAZ Systems, Mindtribe and Pillar Technology, Kogentix, and Certus.

By acquiring the companies across information technology segments Accenture plans to dominate each tier of the domain and continues to strategically work towards the goal.