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Tech You N Me is a widely read and trusted technology news and updates platform that focuses on emerging and disruptive technologies. We keep our readers abreast of the most important developments, trends and technology news strung together with expert commentary and insightful analysis. If there’s a conversation that’s taking the technological world by storm, you will find it here.

Tech You N Me’s coverage includes, but is not limited to: Web and mobile applications; operating systems such as Android, iOS, Windows and Linux; cloud technologies; smartphone technology covering Apple, Samsung, LG, HTC, Blackberry; IoT; wearable technology; social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; e-commerce; internet trends; digital marketing and content strategies; SEM; SEO; tech stocks and financial news.

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Who We Are (and Aren’t)

Tech You N Me is the go-to website for breaking news and top stories from the technology and digital domain. We are a team of technocrats and technology enthusiasts that keeps readers’ interests at the forefront. We believe in helping our readers dive deeply into technological trends be it in business, entertainment, lifestyle or innovation.

Tech You N Me strives to bring its readers fair and objective news coverage from the technology ecosystem so as to encourage meaningful dialogue.Having set out with the aim of harboring an open, global community of people passionate about technology, Tech You N Me will always be free to its readers. Our operations are sustained via online advertising; we do not act as salespersons for tech companies.

Tech You N Me is dedicated to bringing the world’s technology community closer and welcomes suggestions to make this happen.