A New V3 Supercharger to Cut Down Charging Time 

A New V3 Supercharger to Cut Down Charging Time 


Tesla is set to roll out a third-generation Supercharger, designed for lowering the charging time for its electric vehicles.

The V3 Supercharger – unveiled on Wednesday at the Fremont, California. Model 3 of the charger is able to support the rate of up to 250 kilowatts. With this rate, the V3 can add up 75 miles in 5 minutes.

Charging time has a crucial role in sales and acceptance of electric vehicle. High charging time can increase wait time at some charging stations. Lowering this charging time will favor the acceptance of Tesla’s highest volume electric car.

Details of V3 Supercharger:

Tesla claimed improvement in the Supercharger network would allow serving twice as many vehicles per day. The new charger is not retrofit of previous chargers. It has a structure that includes a new 1 MW power cabinet and a liquid-cooled cable design, which enables charge rates of up to 1,000 miles per hour. Whereas Tesla used the air-cooled cables in the V2, chargers for lowering charging time. Additionally, the new power cabinet in the V3 Supercharger provides a dedicated 250 kW to four Superchargers.

Plans of Tesla in 2019


Tesla announced other improvements in a blog on lowering charging rates of Model X and Model S vehicles. On charged with V3 Supercharger, charging time for both the models slashed by average 50%, Tesla said in the blog.

Tesla will be releasing a new feature in software called “On Route Battery Warm-up”.

Currently, Tesla has more than 12,000 Superchargers station across Europe, North America, and Asia. Tesla has plans of starting thousands of V2 and V3 Supercharger stations in 2019. Installation of V3 Supercharger stations and upgradation of V2 Superchargers will begin in April.

Installation of V3 in North America will begin in 2nd and 3rd- quarters. While installation across Europe and Asia-Pacific will be in the 4th- quarter.

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