A New Software Uses Virtual Reality to Control Robots

A New Software Uses Virtual Reality to Control Robots


With recent advancements robots can be controlled using virtual reality. Several improvements in their mechanism have enabled autonomous robots carry out diverse tasks by themselves. However, there still exists many circumstances where human control becomes necessary. To tackle this concern, computer scientists at the Brown University have innovated technologies enabling control and monitor of autonomous robots using virtual reality. This recent development has made it possible to control robots remotely. This is likely to help users get even more immersed in a robot’s surrounding, despite not being physically present on the site.

Novel Software will allow Users Control Robots from Remote Locations 

The software developed will connect the arm of a robot to the gripper’s arm, besides its onboard sensors and cameras to an off-the-shelf hardware by way of the internet. On account of this setting, users will be able to control robot’s arms and manipulate its tasks using handheld controllers. Furthermore, users will be able to achieve this by simple movement of their arms. Furthermore, the recent development will allow users to step into the metal skin of robots and get to see the environment from a first person’s view. Besides this, the technology will also enable users to survey the given scenario in a third person. With these options, users can choose whichever they feel is easier to accomplish their goals.

It is possible to control even highly sophisticated robots using latest technologies. However, researchers have demonstrated the same using fairly unsophisticated means in the past. For instance in the past they were able to remotely control robots using two-dimensional monitor and video game controllers. While this may work fine, for more complicated tasks such as flying a drone or driving a wheeled robot more sophisticated technologies are required, which is why the new software is likely to emerge as a game changer in the industry.

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