A New Electronic Converter can Power Efficiency of Wind Turbines

A New Electronic Converter can Power Efficiency of Wind Turbines


The researchers at the Public University of Navarre have developed an electronic converter that can swiftly transfer the energy produced by large wind turbines in the range up to 6.6 kilovolts into the main power grid, significantly cutting the loss of energy. This device also has the ability to function at higher outputs, which may be useful for deployment on offshore wind turbines.

As the threat from global warming becomes imminent, several countries have come together to harness green energy resources and wind energy is currently gaining maximum traction. With the help of powerful turbines, offshore and onshore devices can operating at a voltage of 0.6 kilovolts. While new turbines that have the power to produce nearly 3.3 kilovolts of power, these new electronic converter can be a boon for offshore deployments.

It must be noted that wind turbines rotate in order to generate mechanical energy from kinetic energy with the help of a propeller. The generated energy is then subjected to an electronic converter in order to insert that energy into power grid. As greater and stronger wind turbines are being developed, it is imperative for the transistors to convert maximum among of power, which was not possible due to limitations pertaining to high voltage, resulting in power loss.

These multilevel converters are a structure made up of various transistors that can increasing working voltage by the means of cutting energy losses and ensuring that transistors obstruct those voltage that they’ve been designed to oblige to, and not the higher ones. The usage of small condensers has enabled the avoidance of the serialization of transistors and enabling distribution of high voltage between them.

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