A List of Must Have Best Business Utility Apps In iPhone

Apple’s iPhone, a leading and the most popular smart-phone, is a great choice for businesses due to its drastic features, applications, and wonderful functionalities. It is one of the excellent and useful technological gadgets that come with numerous applications to make users’ life convenient. There are plenty of applications that are especially developed to make one’s daily ongoing work a lot easier and hassle-free. We all know that without applications, smart-phones are like dead bodies as you will not get any benefit of it.

But we are thankful to iPhone developers, who developed range of iPhone applications of multiple categories. However, not all the applications are effective for businesses; they need to download only those applications that are effective and beneficial for them. Businessmen and entrepreneurs can easily download best business utility applications on their iPhone to make their daily work easy, but they need to be careful while downloading business utility applications as some business applications are not as beneficial as they claim. Here, I have mentioned some best iPhone business utility applications that businessmen can easily download from the Apple App store and get lots of benefits.

LinkedIn Contacts (Free)

LinkedIn Contacts is a great iPhone buisness utility application that is one of the excellent ways to stay connected with your important clients, business partners’ and many more people. However, iPhone users can also develop many new contacts and conduct best business deals with them. By using this application, users can easily bring all his/her important contacts in their iPhone and get alerted on job changes and more. Packed with lots of impressive features, LinkedIn Contacts is the best application to find the right person for the task at hand.

AudioNote Pro ($2.99)

One of the best and user-friendly applications ‘AudioNote Pro’ combines the functionality of notepad as well as voice recorder. Businessmen can easily use this application in their iPhone and create text, audio and drawing notes. Reliable and easy-to-use app for entrepreneurs, this application allows them to take notes in conferences, lectures, meeting, seminars and classes. The best thing about this application is, it incorporates special punctuation keys on keyboard that makes writing easy and interesting. Easy to sync to iCloud & dropbox.

CardMunch (Free)

CardMunch is another great iPhone application that is perfect for those businessmen who are looking to manage their business cards easily. Through this application, users can easily take a picture of a business card and upload that picture to CardMunch. Taken picture can be easily converted into a contact automatically. This application shows you LinkedIn profile information and easily connect you with connections that you have in common.

File Pro ($2.99)

File Pro is a multipurpose, easy-to-use and resourceful application for businesses to manahe their files, docs and other important stuffs. Many of you have huge files that you need to transfer from one device to another, so File Pro is a great solution for you. By using this application, you can easily import files, important documents and media from your PC/Mac, iCloud, email attachments, sugarsync, box.net and Dropbox to File Pro using its excellent FTP and WiFi features. It is the only application that manages and organizes your files and documents securely as it has PDF scanner, editing TXT files, Audio recorder and more.

GoToMeeting (Free)

GoToMeeting is a great and easiest online meeting application that can boost your mobility by starting and attending GoToMeeting sessions on your iPhone. Through this excellent application, you can easily join and star meetings in seconds. You are allowed to view slide presentations, reports, design mockups, spreadsheets and other important stuffs that presenters choose to share. This application also allows you to chat with other meeting attendees and discuss your points that you have in your mind. Businesses can easily download this application and get lots of benefits.

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