8 Apps to Cut Down your Smartphone Bill

Are you fed you with your ever increasing phone bill? Don’t fill disheartened there are plenty of free internet based software which will aid you in voice chat and video chat that to free of cost. With plenty of apps that offer text, audio or video-based options to stay connected; it can be difficult to pick ones that stand out from the crowd.

Here is a list of some popular free calling applications in no particular order

1) WeChat: Is available for windows phones, android phones IOS and blackberry phones and also for web. The app offers features like push-to-talk, Group chat, Video calling and live chat and with it shake feature you can also find friend using the webchat you just have to shake your phone and the app will help you connect with other people, who are shaking their mobile at that time.

2) Skype: It is the most popular of the lot and is most used communication device in the web word it is also available cross platform. The app lets you do video chats, voice and text. It also enables users to do group calls and call landlines and mobile phones at a cost.

3) Google Hangouts: It lets you make free video calls that can be one-on-one or and group chats (maximum ten people at a time). It is free of cost to phone running android gingerbird or higher and if you are using an Apple phone you need IOS6 or higher it is not available for windows or blackberry phones.

4) Fring: Though fring (which is a free application that enables you to make free calls) you can connect with 4 people simultaneously and will skype which offer phone call you can do the same with fring by paying a little extra.

5) Tango: Another free calling apps which not only helps you to connect with friends but has also push to talk features which helps in turning your smart phone into a walkie-talkie.

6) Viber: Viber  is available across varied mobile platforms the extra features apart from texting and making call is that you can even share your location and setting with your friend another interesting things about this apps is that you do not have to create separate username to use this service your mobile number double itself as the user name. After you have installed the Viber app, it syncs your mobile contact list, automatically detecting which contacts area already using Viber

7) Whatsapp: The most popular application for mobile user beside skype and just like viber  it syncs your mobile contact list, automatically detecting which contacts area already using whatsapp it has also become the proffered alternate to SMS for millions across the globe.and like viber is available cross varied mobile platform.

8) Nimbuzz:  You can send free text and also make free call to NIMbuzz users. This app has started offering ‘NimbuzzOut’ service, which is a low cost Pay-As-You-Go option to make calls to other mobiles and landlines numbers across the World.

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