70% of IT Companies in Europe Foresee Brexit as a Boon for Business

70% of IT Companies in Europe Foresee Brexit as a Boon for Business


A fresh survey by Interoute has notified that more than two-thirds (63 percent) of owners of business pertaining to information technology (IT) expect Brexit to evolve as a benefit or boon for their business and lead to high growth across Europe in the years ahead. Similar sentiments were sent out by IT decision makers in the U.K. too, wherein 61 percent believed Brexit was good for their enterprise. The reshuffling of political climate is expected to present opportunities and an average of 70 percent are confident that Britain detaching with the European Union was in favor of their business. 

The survey was conducted among 800 market leaders currently occupying a position of strength in the region of European, with those in the countries of France and Belgium showed strongest desire, with 83 percent and 78 percent of respondents showing positive response respectively. On the other hand, less than half (49 percent) IT decision makers in Sweden had high hopes from Brexit. 

Disintegration of European A Strong Possibility

Another key suggestion that comes out of this survey is that 63 percent of the decision makers believed Brexit will ultimately result in disintegration of the overall European Union, with Germans, French, and Italians showing strongest anticipations. 

96 percent of the respondents said the current political uncertainty in Europe has been significantly impacting their decision-making as they are forced to shift their focus on driving more agility. As per the CTO of Interroute, Matthew Finnie, Europe and the U.K. have now entered a period of uncertainty.