7 Tips to get the most out of Google Drive

Google drive is a Google answer to Microsoft cloud storage software sky drive in shorts it help user to store their data, photo and video online without using any storage devices in cloud storage.

So there are few ways by which you can get the most out of this useful Google product. Of course, this are not the only way there are plenty of other way also by which you can get the best out of Google drive but first let’s have a look at this 7 tips then we will look at some other option also.

Use it to attach larger files to emails: Want to send large files to someone but unable to do so or it is taking too long to send the attached files. Don’t worry Google drive is there to help you can attach up to 10 GB of files through your Drive account to your emails in Gmail. The recipients can easily view them online. And if the files aren’t shared, Google Drive will prompt you to do that before the email is sent.

Useful keyboard shortcuts:  Just like in Gmail and Google Reader hitting Shift +? On your keyboard will open a list of short cut.  You need to do it when you are on the main Google Drive homepage that shows all your files.

Use Save to Google Drive extension: your pen drive is full and you definitely cannot save it in the hard drive of your office computer as you have to take a look at the file once you reaches home do not worry you can directly save the file to Google drive extension, because Google has recently released this chrome extension which lets you save any image or web page on Chrome to your Google Drive via the right-click menu.

File versions: Google Drive keeps 30 days worth of file revisions (up to 100 revisions) that you could access from File -> See revision history on each document that has been changed? If you don’t need the version just delete the file to free up the space or if you are not satisfied with the version you can go back to the previous version.

 Download files in bulk with Google Takeout: Want to export a large data from your Google drive there are easy way to do it through Google takeout that you could use to download a complete archive of all your data in Google Drive.

Make it your default documents folder: Right-click Documents, go to Properties, then Include a folder, choose Google Drive folder and finally select it and click Set save location. In this way you can make Google drive as your default document folders if you are using a windows base OS.

Restore from Bin: By mistake you have deleted some important file from your Google drive do not worry just like in your PC or laptop you can restore deleted items from bin back to Google drive.

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