7 Rules To Live And Die By When Choosing Online Games

Are there general policies you need to be mindful of when looking for online games? What things do you have to bear in mind as you look for some casual game to play on the web? Generally, there are no rules. You can play whatever you want depending on your preferences but it would be better to be guided by some rules for your own protection and enjoyment.

  1. Search engines are not your best friend when looking for online games.

If you are looking for an online game you want to play, don’t go to search engine to find one. It is unlikely for you to see a game that is fairly reviewed and rated through search engine results.

If you want to choose the right online game for you, it is better to check out gaming forums or learn about interesting games to play through social media. Ask for the opinions of real players or real people to get more sensible suggestions.

  1. Avoid games hosted by spammer and scammer gaming sites.

This one’s easier said than done. However, it’s not impossible detecting gaming sites that will likely spam and scam you. Spamming is something you should not quickly dismiss as a minor issue. Spams are annoying and they can overload your inbox to the point of frustration. To avoid spams, avoid sites that ask for your email even without the formal registration or signing up process.

When it comes to avoiding scams, it is advisable not to choose online games marketed with phrases like “win loads of cash” or other similarly ridiculous taglines. These sites are most likely scammers. Until now, it’s a rarity finding a decent site that really pays winners or hosts fair online games.

  1. Ditch those hosted by sites cluttered by annoying ads.

While almost every gaming site uses ads to make money (especially free ones), it is preferable not to play a game that comes with frustratingly annoying ads. Too many ads can ruin the gaming experience.

  1. Free is preferable.

Who wants to spend a dough when a plethora of free options are available? There are no compelling reasons why you should spend for an online game when you can find many gaming sites that offer games for free. Many games at present rely on ads instead of subscriptions or membership to make money.

There are many free online games like those associated with http://plantsvszombiescheats.net or other similar sites that offer tips and guides for various free games. There are also many free online games available as apps featured on Google Play or the Apple App Store. Yes, you also have the option to play free online games through mobile devices. If you want to play these mobile games on your PC, you can simply get an emulator.

  1. Games with more players are better.

As much as possible, choose an online game played by more players. There’s a reason why a game is played by more people. In most cases, being popular can actually equate to being good when it comes to online games.

  1. Try social media games.

If you are looking for an online game that are free, secure, and can connect you to other people, you can find many on social media, especially on Facebook. Almost all Facebook games are free and you get to enjoy them with other players. Being on social media provides the advantage of seeing quick feed-backs or comments from other players.

  1. Choose something you are sure you will enjoy.

Of course, when choosing an online game  you have to make sure that it is something you really like. Don’t just follow what others are playing. Don’t give in to the pressures of relating to what your friends play. If you are really more interested in solitary mind games or the like, then by all means choose what you personally prefer. After all, the goal of playing is to enjoy and not to do what others are doing.

You don’t have to follow all these rules. For the most part, they are just emphasizing the point that you have to observe common sense as you choose online games. These rules are not meant to compel. They are intended to provide guidance so play the online game that interests you, the one you deem is worth your time.

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Jimmy R is a fan of online gaming. He maintains several blogs devoted to online gaming and other related topics. If you’re looking for gaming tips and tricks that you never knew existed, then he’s definitely your man!

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