7 Popular Cyborgs In Film And TV

By definition, a cyborg is a person who enjoys extended physical abilities with the help of machines attached to his body. Cyborgs have always fascinated humans. In fact, there are a lot of people out there who wish to become cyborgs. It is not a surprise why so many films and TV show feature cyborgs. Here are some of the most popular cyborgs in TV:


Robocop is a cyborg who used to be a police officer named Alex Murphy. He was brutally murdered by a gang he was pursuing. Once pronounced dead, his body was harvested and was used for a project known as Robocop. The cyborg-turned entity became in charge of dealing with crime in the city of Detroit, Michigan. Crime was very rampant in the city and that is why alternatives to the regular police force like this Robocop project are being considered. Aside from the original film, people could follow the story of Robocop in a TV series of the same title.

Darth Vader

Who could forget about the ever popular Darth Vader from the Star Wars Franchise? He was not a cyborg at first but a young one named Anakin Skywalker. He was studying to be a Jedi, was being trained by the best masters, and was showing great potential. If you still haven’t watched the series then you might want to skip ahead because the following statements are spoilers. Skywalker turned to the Dark Side and this caused him to battle his master, Obi-Wan. He suffered from severed limbs as well as other injuries but he was rescued with the help of cybernetics.

Terminator (Arnold Schwarzenegger)

In pop culture, a terminator is a cyborg which has been designed to kill or terminate other life forms. They are created by a computer which is referred to as Skynet in the distant future. In The Terminator franchise, the most well-known Terminator is the one which is portrayed by Arnold Schwarzenegger. This Terminator travels back in time in order to assassinate a woman named Sarah Connor. As the Terminator wreaks havoc in the past, the future changes. It was never discussed in the film nor the TV series how these terminators were created.

Terminator (Summer Glau)

Arnie is not the only popular Terminator these days. There is also another Terminator which stars in the TV series, Terminator: The Sarrah Conner Chronicles. This terminator is known as Cameron is portrayed by no other than Summer Glau. Her task is very different from that of Arnold’s terminator. Her main mission is not to assassinate but to protect Sarah Conner.  What is unique about Cameron is that, unlike other terminators, she could eat as well as portray human emotions. She really does look and act like a person.

Inspector Gadget

Most teenagers these days would remember watching Inspector Gadget cartoons. Inspector Gadget is a cyborg who serves as a policeman. In the movie which has been based on the TV series, Gadget’s gadgets were installed to his body after an accident. He almost has any bionic gadget anyone could think of. He uses this to solve mysteries and fight crime. However, he is a little bit dim-witted and that is why he always has his own share of crazy adventures. He retracts his gadgets from his body by saying “go, go gadget” and then the name of whatever gadget he plans to use.


There is also Cyborg from Teen Titans. He was one of the five founding members of the Teen Titans which included Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Batman’s Robin. Before he became known as Cyborg, he was Victor Stone. He was a very promising teenage athlete. However, he suffered from a terrible accident where his mother was killed. His body was damaged so much that the parts have to be replaced with cybernetics. Along with other enhanced abilities, he could shoot sonic blasts from his cannons and is very useful when battling aliens.

The Six Million Dollar Man

To end this list is another cyborg named Steve Austin who is the main character of the hit TV series in the seventies, The Six Million Dollar Man. The title is such because it took six million dollars to operate him and restore him after a very serious accident. With a bionic eye, super strength, super speed, as well as other superhuman abilities, he worked for a government as an agent.

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