5 Ways To Access Jango Radio Like A Pro

Ever heard of Jango Radio? It is an online music streaming service touted as a source for “free music – the Internet radio that plays what you want.” What makes Jango Radio special is that it provides users the ability to create and share custom radio stations.It offers the advantage of personalization that not many other online music streaming sites can offer. Additionally, users can skip tracks as many times as they want and do further personalization by rating songs and artists.

Jango Radio is indeed an attractive online music streaming option. But how do you use it? There are three main ways of accessing the Jango Radio service: through a web browser, through the Jango software, through audio streaming software, and through apps. These options are detailed below.

  1. Through a Web Browser

The web browser option means loading the official Jango site to sign in and access the streaming service directly. This is the most convenient way of accessing the service since you would only need to have a web browser that supports Flash. The site can be viewed in the English, Portuguese, and Spanish languages. You can go

If you don’t have an account, simply sign up for an account. Well, you don’t actually have to create an account to listen to the music available on Jango Radio. You can simply search for stations created by other users and listen without having to register or do anything else. As long as your browser supports Flash, the Jango Radio online player should be able to play the songs listed on the station you choose. You can also browse through lists of similar and recent stations listed on the left side of the station you are currently playing.

  1. Through the Jango Client

Jango has a music management software available. It is free to download, install, and use. It will provide you access to the Jango Radio server easily. The functions it offers are similar to what can be accessed on the official website. You may not want to do this option, however, since it’s much more convenient simply accessing the Jango site without having to download and install anything.

  1. Through Mobile Apps

Conveniently, you can tune in to Jango Radio using your web-enabled mobile device. It could be a smartphone or a tablet computer. You just have to download the Jango mobile app for your device. This is the preferred option of many Jango fans at http://www.jangoradio.org/ since it allows users to play the music they like on the go.

  1. For Android Devices

There is an Android version of the Jango app. It offers all the features you can get from the Jango Radio site. It is a free app but you have to bear with the fact that you have to see one ad per day as you use it – not really bad for something that can more-than-adequately provide for your music cravings.

The app would only occupy a small space of your mobile device’s memory. At 3.2 MB, this app should be light enough even for low-end devices. It is also not that demanding on the software side. It can work even with Android version 2.1 or Android Eclair.

  1. For iOS Devices

If you are an iPhone or iPad user, there is also a Jango app for you. However, at 11.7MB, it’s spare requirement is quite higher than the Android version. The app is optimized for iPhone 5 but it can also run on other iPhone models, the iPad, and iPod touch as long they are running iOS version 5.0 or higher.

Through this app, you can create your playlists, play other users’ playlists, rate songs and artists, and do various other things you can do with the Jango Radio site. Be warned, though, that there are ads on the app. They can be quite annoying.

Enjoy one of today’s best online music streaming services in a variety of ways. Whether you are on your desktop computer, your laptop, tablet, or smartphone, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to listen to free online music on Jango Radio.

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Mark R is a music fan who also enjoys living the online life. Find out how his music and Internet interests meet through jangoradio, an online radio fansite.

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