5 Tools For iPhone Application Development

iPhone application development is increasingly becoming a rewarding way of taking your business to another level. However, not everyone knows how to develop their own iPhone applications, as it requires knowing the programming language and writing the code essential to build them. These days, there are a number of tools that enable non-developers to create their own iPhone apps without having the technical knowledge.  From general-purpose app builders to target-specific ones, you can get apps for small businesses or for particular purpose like applications for e-learning or for travelers. Other app builders allow developers to write applications using easier programming languages like HTML. Such a builder then converts the code into an iPhone app which becomes ready for iTunes store.

Below is a list of 5 tools that can help you with your own iPhone application development:

  1. 1.       Sweb Apps

This app allows you to do iPhone application development without having the technical knowledge of programming. Specially designed for small businesses, this builder provides pre-created templates which can be customized using various background images and self-created custom icons as per your requirements. You can also use the graphics offered by Swab’s own image library. First, there are multiple app categories you choose from (such as Business, Music, Restaurants, e-shopping, etc.), then you pick the buttons you wish to add (Directions, Map, Menu etc.)

  1. 2.       Kanchoo

This tool facilitates iPhone application development related to news. The content providers are able to create native applications just by providing the makers with the concept of app, its description for iTunes, a Splash screen and icon for the application. Next, using Kanchoo online tool you can add the content (text or images), and design an application according to your requirements.

  1. 3.       AppBreeder

This tool is similar to the Sweb Apps; while Sweb Apps offer categories to choose from, AppBreeder provides Apps-kit. You can choose from a set of application settings like icons, gadgets, and some behavioral elements. From real estate to musicians to legal to restaurants, you can get kits for a wide range of industries.

  1. 4.       AppIncubator

The AppIncubator by MEDL mobile allows you to share your ideas for an app, which is then used by the developers for iPhone application development. You can send the ideas through the iPhone app or via company’s website.

  1. 5.       BuildAnApp

This is one of the cross-platform iPhone app development tool designed especially for small business owners, social networks and professional service firms. BuildAnApp is a web-based service which allows you to choose from customizable template to develop apps for iPhone, Windows Mobile platforms or Blackberry. A prominent feature of this tool is its ability to house an email distribution list that will inform users to get the applications once it’s available.

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