5 Road Trip Gadgets to Bring with You on Your Next Trip

5 Road Trip Gadgets to Bring with You on Your Next Trip

If you’re like me, you wouldn’t go anywhere without your smartphone. There are just some gadgets that complete your life. Well, you should think the same way when preparing for a road trip. Take a look at these five gadgets you should bring to make your trip easier and more fun.


Fumbling with a map used to be a major headache when you were on a road trip. Now, you can use a GPS to get turn-by turn directions based on your location. This takes all the worry out of traveling so you can focus on having fun. If you have a smartphone, you may have a built-in GPS, so you don’t have to have a separate unit. Of course, some cars also come with on-board GPS systems; just take a look at Hoffman Ford for a selection of them.

A Tablet or Laptop for Entertainment

Most people can’t go a day without checking their email or logging in to Facebook. If this sounds like you, you should bring a tablet or laptop along on your road trip so you can stay connected on the go. You can also use it to plan your trip along the way. According to ustravel.org, 76 percent of Americans used the Internet to plan their travels.

A smartphone will suffice, but a tablet and laptop are much more versatile. With a tablet or laptop, you can listen to music with headphones, watch a movie, connect to WiFi, and do so much more. Don’t forget to bring the power cord, a mouse, and any other accessories you need.

A Digital Camera to Record Memories

Make sure to bring a digital camera on your next road trip so you can take pictures of every place you go and everything you see. Lots of people use the camera on their smartphone nowadays, but it’s not really a good option when you’re on a vacation because a digital camera takes better pictures and has more storage space. Opt to keep this gadget separate for best results.

A Smartphone for Safety

Smartphones are a lifesaver when you’re on a road trip, mainly because you can call someone for help if you break down. Gone are the old days where you had to wave someone down on the road to drive you to a gas station to use a payphone. You can use your smartphone to look up a tow truck, find a repair shop, and then get back on the road in no time at all. Having a smartphone is a matter of safety. Don’t forget to bring a car charger so you never get disconnected.

Handheld Gaming Consoles for the Kids

Dealing with bored kids is always an issue when you take them on a road trip. So, make sure to bring a gaming console along for each child, whether this is a Nintendo DS or a tablet loaded with fun apps. These gadgets will keep your kids entertained for hours.
These five gadgets will make your life easier while you’re on a road trip. What other gadgets wouldn’t you hit the road without? Leave a comment below.

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