5 Reasons Why Opera Mini is a PERFECT MATCH for you PC

When it comes to web browsers, there are several options available for users. The most popular among them include Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, and the reliable Opera. However, there are some users who prefer to use the mini version of Opera.

Why do some like using the lighter, stripped-down version of this popular web browser? Are there advantages in doing so? What specific features of the mini version make browsing better compared to what a standard desktop web browser can offer?

The following are the most compelling reasons why it can be advantageous to use Opera Mini on a PC:

  1. Opera Mini uses very minimal system resources.

This makes Opera Mini an excellent option for computers that are incapable of running memory- or processor-demanding programs. Those who have tried this web browser will notice how fast it works even on devices with less than desirable memories or processing power. Also, because it does not require impressive specs, it works even with older operating systems.

If you can smoothly glide through web pages using Opera Mini on a smartphone, expect a much snappier experience when using it on a desktop or laptop computer, especially when you are connected to a fast broadband connection.

  1. Opera Mini helps save bandwidth consumption.

Unlike other web browsers, Opera Mini does not directly access web pages. Instead, everything that the browser tries to open is being opened in a server where they are optimized and compressed for smaller displays. This optimization and compression results in the faster loading of pages and the significant reduction of bandwidth used.

Be forewarned, though, that this optimization and compression results in the noticeable reduction of image quality. If you are viewing web pages with loads of photos, you will see that the photos don’t look as sharp as they appear on other browsers. If you are simply browsing for information and not trying to enjoy media content, Opera Mini is indeed an excellent way to browse.

  1. This mini browser supports tabbed browsing.

Well, it’s not the kind of tabbed browsing you usually find in the full version of the browser but it acts similarly. You can open multiple pages without leaving the page where the links you are opening are located. You just have to get used to selecting the tabs through a button on the bottom of the browser. This is certainly a great feature despite being a significantly watered-down version of full tabbed browsing.

  1. The mini version of Opera offers the frequently used features available on standard web browsers.

It may be a very basic web browser but it offers almost all the useful tools and functions you would want to find in a browser. For one, it has a “quick dial” homepage that can accommodate up to nine links to the websites you visit most frequently. It supports bookmark and web page saving. This browser can show an entire website with very minimal to zero distortions.

Opera Mini also supports complex script rendering. For instance, if your system does not have the font used by a website, Opera Mini can use a bitmap image together with other texts (with supported fonts) so you can proceed to reading pages seamlessly. It also has JavaScript support, although it is pre-processed in a proxy server and simply rendered on your screen. Visit http://www.operaminiforpc.com/ to learn more about the other practical features that come with Opera Mini.

  1. Opera Mini shows the full website by default.

Despite being intended for mobile devices, Opera Mini loads and shows an optimized full website or web page. When using it on a mobile device like a 3.5-inch smartphone, you will have to double tap on the screen to make the texts legible. If you are using it on a desktop computer, you get to see everything rendered just like how standard web browsers load pages.

However, as mentioned earlier, this full rendering is optimized for smaller screens. Hence, the quality of images isn’t that great. This is the price to pay for optimization and the lower bandwidth consumption.

Try Opera Mini on your laptop or desktop computer and experience the advantages it offers. Just don’t expect great-looking, vivid images or perfectly-rendered pages. This is a browser intended for faster browsing speed and lower system resource and bandwidth requirements.

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