5 New Essential Chrome Extensions for Designers/Web Developers

The advancement of technology has been one of the essential tools we use these days. Many have competed in the line of programming but only few came to the top. Chrome for example, has formerly just been considered in the short list of the internet world but today it has grown to be the most popular, number one preference software, and extensively used browser programs all around the world. With its many developments and up-to-the-minute extensions, plug-ins, and add-ons users are able to enjoy the most excellent features and personalize your own browser.

Benchwarmer : One of the newly developed Chrome extensions is the Benchwarmer. It is one of the finest and high quality extensions that swap the “New Tab” screen with the latest pictures delivered from the hottest and most recent Dribble works.

This extension does not only assure the newest designs and displays but also allows users to customize the browser. You can simply modify and choose whatever category you prefer with just a click and select.

ColorZilla : Choose and adjust the colors of your browser with the use of ColorZilla, a color associated extension of Chrome that aids in assisting designers. It is easy to use since the extension allows you to copy a color from your chosen browser and paste on yours.

The ColorZilla extension has various features such as eyedropper which enables you to pick the color and a zoom at any intensity. It also has a DOM color analyzer that helps position matching color elements, a color picker, and an online palette viewer which allows online sharing of palette colors.

WhatFont : As the new era of technology comes into the picture, web users will not have to be anxious on various problems because of the latest developments that enable us to work successfully and, not to mention, easily. Inspect what font is used in the webpage with the use of the Whatfont extension. With this essential extension users will no longer worry on having to look for the “view source”.

The WhatFont extension does not only tell us about the font size but it also provides further and essential details such as font color, weight, font family, and line height.

Screen Capture : With the Screen Capture extension, you can have the liberty to create your own graphics with the use of alternative photo stacks. You can capture images of the entire object or a part of it and save it on your browser. The best thing about Screen Capture is that it allows you to edit the image by resizing it, drawing lines, arrows, and shapes on it, as well as adding texts like quotes or names.

Evernote Web Clipper : Store certain information easier and faster with the Evernote Web Clipper. It is one of the most essential and commonly used extensions of Chrome that provides efficient tasks. The Evernote Web clipper allows users to store web links, texts, PDF for your projects, article, as well as images of your dream house or dream car which ever you prefer.

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Brian Taylor is the Owner and VP of Business Development at Forix LLC,  a web design and development company based in Portland, Oregon. Brian completed his studies at Oregon State university in BS, Business Administration w/ Marketing Option. Get in touch with Brian through Linkedin.

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