5 iPad Apps That Can Make Your Kids Next Picasso

When we think of giving a gift to our little babies, we feel drowned in an ocean of confusion. The evolution of technology has speeded our lifestyle and we do not have the time as we used to have when we were kids. Nowadays, the kids spend time with amazing SmartPhones, follow celebrities, and lose innocence. So, it becomes tough for parents to find a right stuff to gift something to their kids.

They want to make them aware with every latest technology like SmartPhones or high-end gaming consoles. In a way, they also do not want to steal their innocence by putting them into the forest of social media. This post can be very helpful for such parents, who want to let their kids live the childhood along with ultramodern devices like iPad. However, you need to have an iPad. With an iPad, you can give them wings to fly high in the skies of imagination. Here are top ten apps, which can enhance the imagination and problem solving powers of kids.

Endless Alphabet

Known for its popularity among kids, Endless Alphabet is an iconic application, which lets toddlers learn alphabets by sliding them on right place to speak their name & pronunciation. They can also learn the meanings of tough words and memorize them by coupling the scattered letters.

As mentioned in image, you can get the idea that how your kids are going to addict of this application. It uses a notebook like texture and sparkling colors in its letters. Noticeably, this application is available as a freebie so you do not need to pay anything in return of using this application.

Petting Zoo

Nothing can be as good for young toddlers as a picture book application. Such application tries to seed imagination in your kids.

Petting Zoo app brings 21 animals, which includes zoo animals. The hand-drawn animation makes it interesting for kids. They use their own imagination and try to draw on paper or on iPad with other applications. The app includes a break-dancing dog. Moreover, it also surprises your kids with an elephant in bath. So, it becomes an enjoyable app for your kids. You just need to pay US$0.99 for downloading this app from App Store.

Press Here

In Hervé Tullet’s manner, this app asks the young kids to connect the dots for making amazing animations and games.

You need to pay $1.99 as one-time license fee for using this application. It will simply charge your kids with energy. So, the cost $1.99 is not a big price for the smile of your kids.

Wee Alphas

If you want your kids to memorize the names of animals in an entertaining way then this app can help you.

This app lets your kids recognize the animals with their build. Moreover, they learn the first letters of animals name by finding the hidden first letters of animal’s animated body. It is available at $2.99.


Parents find it difficult to make their kids aware with the names of animals, when they grow up. If you also one among such parents and face issues then this app can help.

It will tend your kid to call the name of a hidden animal, which will automatically make them to remember the name of the animal. This app is available at $0.99.


If you want your kids play with physical objects to learn stuffs with look & feel then this app is made for your kids. It simply lets your kid draw something around your iPad, which later on becomes the part of iPad image.

Your kid can draw around the iPad to expand the image, given on iPad screen. So, you can create a scope for imagination and adventure just by paying a small sum of money. You actually need to pay only $1.99 for downloading and installing this app in your iPad.

So, you just saw five marvelous iPad apps, which can grow the imagination and thinking power of your kids in a short period. It will be an easy way to seed the problem-solving attitude in your kids. Your kids can use all these apps because every app, mentioned previously is distinctive in nature. One app will make your kids aware with name of animals then other one will tend them to memorize the names of animals. So, it will be a consecutive process of learning. Each app will learn something to your kids and they will be kids as you were in your childhood. Therefore, you just need to install these apps in your iPad.

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Rick Brown is renowned iOS developers, who help business organizations in availing iPhone development services. Moreover, he also helps them to hire iPhone programmers in cost efficient ways.

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