5 Futuristic Home Technology That Will Be Normal To Us Soon Enough

Some of the things you bought for your home a few years ago probably blew your mind. You have technology to thank for that because it’s been very kind to us over the years. Luckily for you it keeps on giving and we can now look at some of the ways it will blow your mind even more in the future. All of these amazing technologies we’re going to talk about will be normal to us soon enough.

Saving Money on Energy

I’m pretty sure we would all love to save a little extra money on our energy bills because they seem to be slowly creeping up all the time. Everything is also getting more expensive and we won’t have any money left at the rate we’re going. Smart appliances being released these days hope to change all that because of what they can do. Some washing machines can even connect to the grid and they will attempt to wash your clothes when the energy rates are at their lowest.

Refrigerated Drawers

This was definitely going to happen sooner or later because it’s pretty weird that we still have one appliance in our home that keeps all our food cold. Soon you will be able to install special kitchen drawers that act as their own little refrigerator. You will have a lot more room to keep your food plus everything will be able to be kept separate from now on. Will you enjoy having a special vegetable drawer rather than trying to find carrots at the bottom of your fridge?

Voice-activated Appliances

It’s not hard to work appliances at the moment as long as you’re able-bodied. You just need to walk up to something and turn it on. That isn’t stopping companies from attempting to make things even easier for you by turning their appliances into futuristic gizmos that can understand voice-activated commands. How easy is it going to be to take your potatoes off the boil when you’re standing around with full hands?

Smart Mirrors

A lot of people enjoy getting up and reading the newspaper in the morning, but when you’re running late for work it’s impossible. Maybe smart mirrors will be able to speed things up because you could watch the news on your mirror while you brushed your teeth. Using a special app that shows up on your mirror you could also tell it to remind you of anything important you need to remember before you rush out of the door.

Connecting everything together

I’m definitely not trying to say you’re lazy, but if your life could be made a lot easier by connecting things together I’m sure you’d be up for it. Once most things in your home are connected together you will be able to control them from something like a tablet computer. You won’t need to get up because you’ll be able to open your door using your iPad, but only once you use it to look through your video camera at the front door to see who it is.

Author Bio:

Today’s feature writer is Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger who writes for Flat Pack Wizard, providers of flat pack assembly services. She is an avid reader and loves cooking dishes from a range of cuisines. You can also follow her on Twitter @Nancy Baker.

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This guest post is by Nancy Baker, a freelance blogger and technology enthusiast. She uses guest posting to share her ideas about different fitness routines. She is currently a part of the team at Walk’N Comfort, an orthopedic shoe store in Toronto. You can catch up with her on Twitter @Nancy Baker. Google

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