5 Easy Steps You Can Take to Get Good Search Engine Rankings

Do you struggle with getting your website to the top of the search engine results page? Does it seem like there is some magic equation that everyone else, except yourself, is using to land themselves on the first page? Grabbing an attractive position in search engine rankings does not come easily or overnight, but there are some solid, tried-and-true steps you can take to quickly obtain higher rankings. Combine these steps with patience, and you should definitely notice a change in your overall search engine rankings.

Build Links with High Quality Sites

You may have already heard that you can really manipulate your search engine ranking through link building. Although this is true, many fail to realize that the effectiveness of this method truly relies on what sites you choose to build your links with. Building links with sites that are not popular or are not perceived to be high quality will do nothing good for your website. You’ll need links from high quality sites that are highly respected and trusted for this method to work. You can achieve this by offering to guest post or by commenting on blogs associated with these sites.

Offer Great Content

Your content should not be a tool (such as a keyword-stuffed mess) to manipulate search engines into thinking you offer good content. Your website should already offer good content. This is how sites with interesting information are so successful. Keywords help, but in the end, “content is king.”

Do Quality Keyword Research

Keyword research entails a lot more than just checking out the current trends and targeting words that you merely “think” will bring the traffic in. You need to target popular, low competition keywords that pertain to your content in a relevant way. Never try to stuff unrelated keywords into content. This is known as spamming, and search engines do notice and take action against it.

Make Your Site Social Media-Friendly

Social media is on the rise at this moment in time, and people are always “liking” and “sharing” content that they think is interesting. Content is very likely to go viral via social networking, so be sure to add social media buttons to your website. If you want to take more advantage of social media, you could even grab an account or fan page on many different social networking sites and get involved with your customers and consumers.

Use Good HTML and Make Your Website “Crawl-able”

Lastly, take a while to audit your coding on your website. Do you use proper HTML tags, and is it considered to follow web standards? Additionally, make sure that search engines can easily crawl your site. All Flash websites or sites with no actual text are extremely hard for search engines to crawl, and therefore, they do not perform well in search engine rankings. Make sure you give search engines plenty of information to crawl on every single page of the site. Avoid overly interactive sites that are completely full of coding and no text.

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