5 Big Mistakes All The Newbie App Developers Are Making

It’s not enough to simply build an app, so I’ve talked about the big mistakes developers are making at the moment.

It seems like everyone is getting involved in the world of mobile app development these days, but it’s no surprise considering how much money is at stake. Unfortunately all the money seems to be going to the same people because most developers can’t do anything right. Just because you throw up an app it doesn’t mean you’re going to become rich. Take a look at some of these fatal flaws you could be making and you’ll know how to correct them straight away.

You’re not on a Desktop

A lot of app developers seem to think they’re simply building a miniature version of a full-sized website, but as soon as you start doing that you’ll scare people away. The easiest way you can get this way of thinking out of your head is by focusing all your users’ attention onto the few things that really matter and you can forget about the rest of the junk. If your customers want extras included you can always throw them in at a later date.

Nobody will find you

I know how bad it feels to build an app only to have it completely ignored. Maybe the real reason apps don’t get downloaded is because nobody knows about them. Before you start playing about with drawings on a piece of paper you must already know how to market your app. It’s more important than anything else and building one is worthless if nobody will download it. Start building up an existing web presence while you’re building the app and it will get the ball rolling.

Not aiming for multiple platforms

These days you have to understand everyone has their preferred operating platform, so when you’re designing your app you need to take this into consideration because it will need to work on all of them. Will your app be accepted by Google and rejected by Apple? This won’t make your customers happy if they use an iPhone. When you’re planning your app you need to make sure you will be able to reach as many people as possible and that means designing the same app for each operating system.

Retention is essential

This is one of the biggest challenges anyone faces no matter what platform they’re building on. How do you get your customers to come back to you? Anyone can download an app, but what happens when they forget about it? If you make money through people clicking ads inside your app you want them to open it up as much as possible. Get a piece of paper and write down all the reasons why someone would come back to an app. If you come up with a bad idea just shred it and move onto the next one.

You’re inside their pocket

Once someone downloads your app you are now in their pocket, but most developers forget about this amazing fact. If you can build up some communication with your new user you can form a relationship with them. You can improve their user-experience and they’ll love you. They will appreciate the fact you’re asking for their advice on how to make the app better. More importantly they won’t need to think twice when you come out with another app because they’ll be a fan for life.

It’s not rocket science

Building the app is the easy part, but I’m sure you can see everything we’ve spoken about today isn’t exactly rocket science. You just need to think more before you jump into something because there is always a right way and a wrong way to do something. I hope some of the things we’ve talked about today will turn your app into a huge success.

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