3 Internet Radio Apps For Android, iphone, ipad, Windows To Stream Music Straight Into Your Home

Listening to music throughout the day is a good way to relax, provide ambiance during a party, or get pumped up for a work out. While it used to be that you would have to plug in your radio to listen to music at home, or attach your MP3 player to a pair of speakers, you can now listen to just about any genre via your computer or mobile device. With the help of steaming music, you can create a playlist of your own or trust in the expertise of a music app to create a personalized channel that you’ll love. Here are three Internet radio apps that let you hear your favorite artists around the clock, all of which will play best on high speed Internet.


Pandora radio was among the first Internet radio applications to hit the market. This app can be opened on your computer, or certain smart phones like the iPhone. While there is a free version, it entails hearing intermittent advertisements in between your songs. You can create your own personalized radio channels based on an artist or song. Once you make a song or artist selection, Pandora creates a radio station with that music and other songs that are very similar. You can give a thumbs up or thumbs down to every selection, which will help Pandora figure out what you like and don’t like. Without a paid subscription, you can only listen to 40 hours per month.


Spotify can connect with your Facebook profile, so you and your friends can share your music selections with each other over social media. Like Pandora, this music player lets you choose one song or artist that you like and build a radio station from there. In addition, Spotify lets you choose a specific song to listen to on demand. You can also choose a radio station with only one artist, while other sites like Pandora will always stream other artists into the mix. While Spotify gives you more freedom to ask for what you want, a free subscription only grants you 10 hours of listening per month.


Songza also has a free version, but it creates streaming playlists based on the time of day you select and the mood you’re in. You can always vote a song up or down, so if you dislike what Songza chooses for you it won’t play that song again. The site also lets you listen to a playlist created around a certain theme or era in time. Songza is free to all users, and there are no listening limits so you can hear as many songs over the course of the month as you’d like at no additional charge.

Streaming radio stations are a great (and often free) way to keep your favorite songs a part of your life. Download these three applications to your iPhone, computer, and iPad – and you can switch between devices and still keep the same playlists. Keep in mind that songs listened to on these applications can’t be saved to your computer or burned to a CD.

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