3 Intel Haswell Laptops That Deliver on Long Battery

When Intel has launched it 4th generation processor called i4 the most important improvement that was expected from the processor was the battery life of the device. The chips were supposed to consume less power than previous generations and promise a 50 percent boost in battery life for watching video. The improvements extend to word processing, Web surfing and other computing tasks as well and going by the initial report Intel has not disappointed us at all so today we are going to have a close look at 3 such laptop which are powered by 4thgeneration Intel Haswell processor and gives a amazing battery life.

MacBook Air from Apple starts at $1,099 for 13-inch model

The Macbook had a slightly slower processor – at 1.3 gigahertz and even did not support touch (Since Apple has yet to introduce a Macbook which support touch) had a promised battery life of 12 hours and deliver as promised one can easily get around nine to 11 hours for general Web surfing even video downloaded from iTunes runs around 10 hours as promised by Apple, but when one strem video via WI-FI the performance drop to 6 hours.

And it does not just gives an amazing battery life but is a very good overall lappy for all purpose the Air is a solid machine that is easy to hold and carry. Although its aluminum exterior is easy to scratch and dent.

 XPS 12 from Dell starts at $1,200

A bit costlier than Mac book this 12 inch ultra book from dell is quiet slim and light just like Mac book except they run Windows not IOS and has a bit powerful processor at 1.6 GHz. The XPS 12 is also a convertible. Spin it 180 degrees, close the lid and you have yourself a tablet so in one moment your laptop becomes a tablets and unlike Mac book it support Touch.

With 3.5pound it bit on the heavier side but still deliver a promised 8.5 hours of battery backup with Wi-Fi turned off but the performance drop slightly once you turn on the WI-fi the video playback times from video downloaded from iTunes drop to half at 5 to 6 hours.

It take quite a long time (almost 4 hours) to get fully charged, the most interesting features was that it automatically disables the on-screen keyboard when in laptop mode.

Vaio Pro 13 from Sony starts at $1,250

It the lightest among the 3. The 13.3-inch (33.8-centimeter) laptop weighs just 2.34 pounds (1.06 kilograms), only 60 percent more than an iPad. Sony uses carbon fiber to keep it light. As a result you can easily get a battery backup of 8.5 hours when the WI-FI is turned off even with Wi-Fi you can get around 7 hours of battery backup. Battery life drops below six hours, though, for iTunes video download and Hulu streaming, but you can add a spare battery at $150, doubling the battery life.

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