15 Ecommerce Checkout Success Factors – Infographic


An online marketer understands how payments could be the number one factor to the success of your ecommerce business. It is essential that checkout actions are made as structured and uncomplicated as possible. However, there are still lots of companies that have failed to generate a competent procedure. These shortcomings in reality have been conversion killers. For both established brand names and startups, the failure of these procedures should set as a model of why the checkout process needs to be a symbol of your brand individualism.

There are many factors which should be considered while creating a checkout process. These factors not only help in making the process simple but also drive sales. Customers don’t want to go for lengthy checkout steps. They want a simple process to complete their transactions.

With this infographic, created by Syncline, we are sharing 15 ecommerce checkout success factors which can improve checkout process.

  1. Guest Checkout

For customers who aren’t already registered with the site, this is a good time to earn a subscriber. But also keep an option for guest checkout for customers who are unwilling to subscribe. Guest checkout option can really improve your revenues.

  1. Clear Address Capture

Keep it basic – just ask for as much information as you need to deliver the package.

  1. Delivery And Gift Option

This should be after the customer knows the final price he/she has to pay. This way they can check the final cost if they are opting for same day shipping.

  1. Payment Capture

Secured authentication and privacy reassurance is important in the last step before payment.

  1. Order Confirmation

Finally, put everything into a single place and ask for the final click that will allow for the payment to be made.


Author Bio: Mark Collins is working as a Marketing Manager at Syncline, a company which provides multi channel ecommerce solutions.